Saturday, February 04, 2017

Dear Diary #32: Smoke Alarms, Stiff Toothbrush

Dear Diary,

Got me an extra smoke alarm to stick near the bed just in case. Months later, it's still sitting in another room because I'm having trouble dealing with the idea that it may go off, rightly or wrongly, so close to me. Effectively, this means that I value the calm and silence more than potentially dying in my sleep.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Dear Diary #31: Sleep, Coffee, Rain in the Winter

Dear Diary,

Almost had to sign up for a full day class. Did more than a few of those during college. Ready to fall asleep by the third hour -- I actually did fall asleep at my 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm lectures. Even loading up on coffee didn't help. In fact, you'll find sections in my college notes that are blank where I wrote, "fell asleep."

Friday, December 16, 2016

Dear Diary #30: Spices, Awared, and Vitamins

Dear Diary,

Watching the same few non-skippable commercials on YouTube over and over again. No, <car brand>, I won't buy your car because I'm not in the market. And no, <rum maker>, I won't buy another liter of your rum until I finish my current bottle. Patience!

The word "aware" needs to become a verb. Examples:
- I have been awared of the word.
- Aware me on the meaning of this word.
- I will aware them of the meaning.
- He awared me of the situation.

Finally picked up some gummy multi-vitamins. No more trying and failing to swallow a nasty tasting giant bitter pill three or four times in a row... Why you give me so much trouble!

And the joke's on me. Those gummy vitamins are missing half the ingredients my usual hard pills have. Now I have to use up 130 gummies.

Watched "Her" again. That was nice of Samantha to reinstall an old, "dumb" OS back on Theodore's phone or computer before leaving. Takes me over a dozen hours to fully reinstall Windows so what a gesture indeed.

Thought I had a bunch of cinnamon powder left over so I'd use it up by putting some in my coffee. That wasn't cinnamon -- smell was off, but I put it in the mug, then tasted it. What the hell did I put in my mouth? Yay for labeling things...


Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Diary #29: Donut Cushions and Screws

Dear Diary,

Hadn't been checking a "store" inbox because it was usually filled with spam whenever I checked. May have missed something important, but the inbox doesn't archive more than a year back. So, doesn't seem like they think it's important enough to keep?

The cushioning on my chair has been permanently compressed. That doesn't seem like a big deal until but I can feel the screws  -- they went with blunt ends, luckily. And the cushion I ordered to take care of this problem still hasn't arrived.

I tried that Google drawing program to see if the computer could recognize my drawings. Let's just say that it didn't guess what I was drawing very well.

Sitting on a donut shaped cushion with a hole in the middle. This experience feels very familiar due to another ubiquitous seat that contains a hole in the center. Hope I don't forget where I am or am not.

Don't understand why so many of the ads I get are in French now. I look up French translations a few times a week? Oh well, thanks for the free practice.

Drunk googling myself again: I have a very common name. And while drunk, watching one of the best scenes in one of my favorite movies and yelling "triggered" at the television. So "triggered" and so "burned."

I hate the new donut cushion I bought.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dear Diary #28: Desks, Getting Older, Scary Movies

Dear Diary,

Is the Ikea SKARSTA desk with the height adjustment thing on the way out? Couldn't find it on the website anymore in late October 2016 -- it was on the American Ikea website though. That would be surprising since it looked pretty popular.

Getting older sucks... You start spotting the 20 and 30-somethings playing teenagers on TV quickly and that suspension of disbelief thing doesn't work as well. It's worse when the show has monsters and aliens and the age thing is the biggest problem.

It's October and scary movie time on TV. Stop going into haunted houses or areas at night! Just wait until the morning. And bring some friends! We wouldn't have half as many movies if they started doing those two things.

I can honestly say that I am full: the room I'm in, at least. It's full of furniture with no more space to pack any more stuff in.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dear Diary #27: Microwave Popcorn, Index Fingers, Chargers

Dear Diary,

Hit my own head slapping a fruit fly away. Yes, I was under the influence.

Thank you, ad video that played at full volume despite the fact that I muted you before you started playing. No, I do not value my hearing.

Apple had their own "regular" AA-ish cell battery charger? New to me. And it looks like I was too late because the Wikipedia article for it said it was discontinued in early 2016.

Destroying my index finger one click at a time and thousands of clicks per hour, especially when I'm editing videos one frame at a time.

I'm avoiding getting a microwave popcorn popper so I don't have to look at the amount of butter I would have to dump into a bowl to get that buttery taste -- the ones that are prebagged make me feel less guilty?


Sunday, October 09, 2016

Pricing for "Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience" (5th Ed.)

This is a brief discussion about things I've found about the price for "Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice and Ethics" (Fifth Edition) by Gordon C. Andrews -- mainly to follow up on the other post about "Law for Professional Engineers" (Fourth Ed.) by D. Marston. Again, it may be a textbook used in courses and/or for exam preparation.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Pricing for "Law for Professional Engineers" (4th Ed.)

The usefulness of a book after completion of a course can vary. I had more than a couple textbooks back in college that I barely used during the course and almost never touched again after finishing. Regardless, it is understandable that one may want to spend less than necessary for textbooks -- and maybe other things too.

For reasons unknown, I've been researching the price for what appears to be a somewhat popular book: "Law for Professional Engineers" (Fourth Edition) by Donald Marston. It may be a course textbook and/or reference used to help in preparing for an exam. The uniqueness of this book may be that it doesn't seem to get updated very often -- according to, a fourth edition copy of the book had a publishing year of 2008 while a third edition was noted to have a 1996 date. This may not be great as the book's contents can become outdated, but it may mean something for its availability if one were interested in getting a copy.
Covers of "Law for Professional Engineers" (4th Ed.) by Marston

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear Diary #26: Robertson Screws, My Name, Gift Cards

Dear Diary.

Used the Robertson screw bits on my screwdriver for the first time ever. And I also found out that my Ikea toolbox came with hex bits -- I always thought they were Robertsons.

Appalled by the mess of cables behind my monitor. It's almost as if I should have routed them under the table where a basket has been installed for specifically that...

Got a new resident spider. Didn't notice it camping by my feet for the past day or more. Can't wait for the mess of webs to start showing up everywhere.

Googled my name because I wanted to feel bad and found over two dozen entries... And they all appear to be more successful than me, but more importantly, how is my name so common.

Bad Craigslisting experiences. Can't wait to be rid of my excess stuff and be "free."


Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear Diary #25: Joule Heating, Natural Light, Sound

Dear Diary,

And I spent a few hours trying to figure out what compressors, levelers, and limiters were.

Cleaning out a bunch of graduate school notes. Come across the notes for a course I dropped: stacks of manuals for course notes. Now I remember why I dropped you...

I hate filming with natural light. It's beautiful but STOP MOVING!

Spent an hour learning Joule Heating and there's no test tomorrow... That was some interesting stuff. Seriously.

No one appears to want to buy my decade old textbooks from college that are multiple editions out of date. I can't figure out why.