Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dear Diary #54: Frozen Food Melting, Whistling Kettle, Dentist Woes

Dear Diary,

Dear Ad Co., please stop spamming me with mattress ads. I am not in the market for a mattress. I may have looked at a furniture store's website. Pretty sure I didn't hit up the mattress section.

I bit the bullet and hauled a frozen pie/cake dessert home from the store's freezer section. It took an hour to get home so good luck to me because it was on its side in my backpack -- twas a warm day and my back probably roasted it. Haven't checked on it yet.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Dear Diary #53: Acclimatizing to Windows 10, Hard Drive Noise

Dear Diary,

Been running Windows 10 a couple days now. It works fine, I like how the menus/settings appear simplified. I managed to find most things I wanted from Windows 7 in the Windows 10. Only complaints are the fuzzy/blurry text when using 125% scaling and the shutdown sound. I always used 125% in Windows 7 and text was sharp, some googling suggested that this was a "feature" due to a new scaling method. The shutdown sound is a speed thing: the sound never finishes playing before the power gets cut off, so the speaker lets out a pop noise like if I suddenly paused a song/sound in the middle of playing. Going into the settings for Windows sounds, I couldn't turn it off. Googling suggested that I'd have to use regedit to make the option show up in the menu... I'll either do that or learn to turn off my speakers before shutting down.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Dear Diary #52: Sonic Boom, Broken Glass, Lost Dog

Dear Diary,

A while ago, I cringed when I heard someone say, "yeah, yeah, yeah." Now I'm using it multiple times on a daily basis. One "ya" is not enough. I don't seem to use "yeah, right" anymore either.

Weird dreaming lately... In one, I got a new dog and immediately lost it on the bus or in a taxi -- the panic was that I couldn't remember which. In another, I deposited a check into a crappy account that took $10 off the top just for the privilege of putting money in there. The check one wasn't really scary, just very outrageous.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dear Diary #51: Adventures in Installing Windows 10 - "Bricked" a PC

Dear Diary,

New hard drive is humming louder, but I'll get used to it. Also managed to pick up a full version of Windows 10. I did not get the free upgrade way back when since I didn't want to deal with change, but I'm trying to spread the cost of a new system out. It's not a matter of if but how soon something else dies. In the past year-ish, the video card dropped dead after about 5 years, a hard drive went after 3, and the RAM started glitching. Still can't believe the hard drive went even though it was only $60.

So, I installed Windows 10. It did not go smoothly.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dear Diary #50: Hard Drive Dropped Dead, PCI-E Pin Problem

Dear Diary,

FFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I was in the middle of watching TV when my computer made the noise of a USB item disconnecting. Maybe a driver or something crashed and it would fix itself after a reboot, no biggy? Then I started hearing noises coming from my computer, those of a mechanical hard drive parking or moving its head around. There were also some weird beeps. Clicking on the USB icon in the tray showed that one of my hard drives was missing. Was it my seven year old cheaper 3.5" drive that I had barely used over the past 3 years? Nope. It was my three year old 2.5" drive that was supposedly built for a rougher life in laptops with the longer warranty. Both from the same maker. First hard drive that I've ever had die on me in something like 20 years of using computers at home and at work. I actually back things up semi-regularly these days so almost everything important is fine. Only the huge files that I can easily replace died -- except for hours of raw video footage that I kept just in case that I'm okay with losing.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dear Diary #49: Rusty Hips, Shoes Not Waterproof, Phones

Dear Diary,

Note to self: don't DVR things off any other channel than the primary broadcast. Missed half a show because the channel I did record it off of didn't have the proper schedule programmed.

That thing that didn't record properly I mentioned earlier, I found it on the on-demand service, but I had to pause it in the middle of the program. It wouldn't let me rewind or fast forward, so I really hope it saved my position or I'll be watching the same part three times over.

That thing I couldn't record and found on the on-demand service earlier died. The episode I was watching disappeared from the menu. So, I had to go online and watch a stream of it from the channel's website.

The occasion arose where I had the pleasure of using the phrase, "go eff yourself." Then I wondered if it was an actual documented phrase in dictionaries: it was.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dear Diary #48: Water Filters, Voicemail Reply, Half Windsors

Dear Diary,

Water filter saga: I am looking for a pitcher-based water filter. I have found a pitcher-based water filter for a reasonable price that does what I want it to do. I can not find the model of water filter I want locally. I can find the water filter I want online but it has no reviews which is suspicious. I want to buy my thing locally. Why so hard...

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dear Diary #47: Ratchets, Wine Corks, Ethanol Consumption

Dear Diary,

I finally decided to time how long it took me to take public transit from certain stops to certain stops. These were routes I regularly took. Now, I always had an idea how long they took because clocks were available along the way, but exactly how long down to the minute? No idea.

Destroyed my fingers screwing a screw into a tight space... then I remembered that I bought a ratchet set that probably would have taken care of that problem. Too bad that ratchet was in a different toolbox so I didn't see it. Last I checked, Ikea still didn't have a ratchet set for sale yet. They've got drills but not a ratchet. Hope that changes.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dear Diary #46: Replaced an LED Light Bulb, The 90s

Dear Diary,

Think my computer is crapping out again. Might be a power issue. I've managed to bypass the crashing problem but when I cold boot the system, it hard resets itself while sitting on the RAM check screen. Was hoping to keep the power supply in the event that I finally upgraded the system, but looks like that's a no-go now.

I keep getting reminders to fill out a "voluntary" survey. It started with emails and then I started getting physical mail. No pressure, huh?

Watching a show highlighting the nineties. I was really looking forward to it because I grew up during the 90s. It's slowly becoming apparent that while I technically grew up in the 90s, I really didn't pay attention to anything or wasn't old enough to appreciate it. Like even the television shows, most of them didn't click. I remember seeing them in syndication and being disappointed that there wasn't something better on. Looking forward more to the show highlighting the 2000s now.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dear Diary #45: Hate to Return, Mesh Chairs, Free Shipping Woes

Dear Diary,

Translated someone's twitter tweet thing from French: H√Ęte de revenir. My first guess was "hate to come back." Translator I used said "look forward to." I don't know where the word "hate" in English originated from but if it came from French, my mind is blown.

Me (a while ago): Why would I pay for one of those office chairs with a mesh-like seat. To let my ass breathe? But why?
Me (summer, no A/C): I wish I had one of those mesh-like seat office chairs so my lower half could breathe. Maybe then I'd stop sweating a liter every hour.