Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dear Diary #70: From Sickness to Health-ish

Dear Diary,

Someone else is sick and coughing/sneezing all over the place. His symptoms started showing two days ago. And here I am today, throat is starting to act up, nose getting irritated. I've been careful to not touch common items, washing my hands, and "dry" cleaning my hands when possible. That may have amounted to nothing and I may be looking at a week or two of feeling like absolute crap. Thanks a lot to the person with no sense of hygiene.

Yep, not feeling great. Sinuses or something. Throat feels like I've been running a blow-dryer at it all day and night. Nose only starting to leak. The brain feels like it's been kicked a few times. Not totally out of it. I'm surprisingly productive today.

Captain's log: starting to get to that part of sickness where I want to hurl but I know that nothing will come out.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Dear Diary #69: Zero Crossings, Dumb Phones, Excel for notes

Dear Diary,

That feeling when you think something's crawling on your skin but you ignore it because there's usually nothing there when you check... Then you check it because it doesn't go away and there's actually an insect there. You know because you accidentally mashed it into your fingers.

Watching a video on YouTube, it finishes playing and there's a pop... Kind of annoying, but I found it more disconcerting when I heard it and immediately thought that it was probably because someone didn't cut the clip at a zero crossing in the audio. Feels wrong to even have an idea of the underlying technical issue.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dear Diary #68: Disposable Fashion, Math, Bartering

Dear Diary,

Watching a TV segment about clothes shopping. Made me think back to my early 20s when I used to buy disposable but expensive clothes that I ended up wearing a few times before giving away. One after the other, $80 or $90 jackets, shirts, pants. Really want to go back and kick myself.

Looked up the curriculum for a computer science degree program and checked out what kind of mandatory math courses were involved -- I was always under the impression that the math was insanely hard. The course titles appeared to be the same or very similar to the mandatory math courses that I took during my college years. What? The?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dear Diary #67: Smaller Multivitamins, Second LED Light Bulb Died

Dear Diary,

Second Ikea RYET bulb died. The first one died in September 2017. Second one suddenly dropped dead in early November 2017 -- it died on someone else, they said it flickered a lot then checked out. This one was installed the exact same time as the previous one that died, but it got an extra month or two of life. Looks like I can expect these RYET bulbs to last about a year in a heavily used location with many daily on/off operations.

Watching a movie for the second time. The first time was on a channel that usually cuts out all the stuff that is above PG-13, then they cut a ton more stuff for time -- "too many notes." It's like watching an entirely different movie and now I can actually follow along with all the "extra" scenes added back in.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Review: Ikea VITTSJÖ Laptop Stand

Bare wood has been my calling for the past while. I'm kind of okay with metal furniture, but glass? Glass has been a no-no for me. It's not that I'm rough with things, it's the that I'm a firm believer in "stuff" happening. To be more specific, I would rather avoid having to clean up a hundred shards of glass, tempered or not. Avoiding glass hasn't been hard with all the alternatives around, but I thought I'd give the material a shot anyway for once and picked up the Ikea VITTSJO laptop stand.

x1 - Ikea VITTSJO Laptop Stand: US$ 29.99 (CA$ 26.99)
Article ID: 903.034.46

Paid: ~CA$ 27

Dear Diary #66: Delivery dudes with my key, rationing memory

Dear Diary,

So, there's a delivery service rolling out that supposedly allows the delivery person to open one's front door. Can't say I would be okay with that. However, I saw something that looks like a shareable lock required -- not free -- to get the service going. Wouldn't put that on my front door, but I would be willing to put it on a small shack or a crate. The majority of my parcels are small enough to fit in a container with a couple cubic feet of capacity. Nothing I dread more than having a "we missed you" notice tacked on my door and having to go across town, or even the closest post office, to pick it up. Only real worry I have is having a package looted from the front door where it's visible from the street... out of sight is good enough for me.

This is weird and disconcerting: I'm noticing that I actively try to avoid memorizing certain things these days. It's like rationing my memory for something. What exactly? I don't know. Considering all the years of school I went through, memorizing useless crap that I never used after the final exam, you'd think that I would be good at that. I'm confident in my ability to memorize when necessary, there's just a part of me that is vehemently against doing so. Possibly because I know how pointless it may be...

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Dear Diary #65: Dish brushes, Dollars per book page

Dear Diary,

Spent about 20 minutes scraping the cheese out of a stainless steel pan used to make macaroni and cheese. Spent the first ten minutes using a soft sponge and my fingernails. And this was after soaking the pan with soapy water for half an hour. Then I remembered I had a nylon brush I bought a while ago for cleaning out cast iron pans. That took about five minutes...

I was googling medical ailments again... using the "Images" feature. It is plain nasty and yet I can't look away. In another life, I'm probably a very capable doctor or coroner.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Dear Diary #64: Replying to spam, Toilet water

Dear Diary,

Finish a degree or two with 5+ exams per semester that covered a couple hundred to a thousand pages of text per course? No problem. Study for one exam that covers maybe a thousand pages of text or less? OMFG, no way I can learn that stuff and keep it in my head long enough to pass one exam...

Feeling stupid now. I replied to what may be a spam email -- it ended up in my spam folder automatically but it looked very legit and the question they asked was a simple yes or no to a non-invasive question. After replying, I googled the website and the first auto-fill was <website name> + "scam." At least I was not stupid enough to click on any of the hyperlinks in the email?

Monday, November 06, 2017

Dear Diary #63: To Nope (verb), Changing seasons

Dear Diary,

Finally finished up using one particular stick of deodorant. It only took me close to three and a half years. I hope it didn't go bad or anything like that -- too late now? Time to start the second, same type of deodorant I bought three years ago. Now, I REALLY hope these things don't go bad.

I have been made aware that "nope" has now become a verb. The infinitive appears to be "to nope." One generally "nopes" out of sticky situations. Will definitely make an effort to use it in future conversations -- not kidding -- just like "to aware."

Reading a book on computer networking and how they work, I'm actually interested in the content and actually feel the "can't put it down" thing with good books. Thinking back to college and all those technical courses I took, dreading every single assignment. Yep, I definitely wasted years of my life doing something I hated.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Dear Diary #62: In case spider gets Me, where centipede at?

Dear Diary,

Anxiously waiting for my battery to charge so I can reorganize my closet -- power bar is plugged in right in front and under the door to the closet. Don't want to accidentally drop dust, lint, and maybe a 25 lb box or two on a lithium-ion battery and five power outlets facing up.

Went for a walk, ran into something that required a detour meaning walking a block down to a parallel street and then back up. That detour turned into a marathon because I forgot that my detour took me through a very busy area with narrow streets and relatively heavy foot traffic -- plus a lot of people out purely for a stroll. Total disaster.