Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Dear Diary #86: Patching Jeans without Iron-On Patches, Rice Bubbles

Dear Diary,

Jeans I'd been wearing for over five years are falling apart and I could barely keep up with the patching. So, I was in the market for denim patches but I didn't want the iron-on patches, I just wanted denim fabric. Never bought fabric from a bolt or by the foot before so I was a bit lost... Then I remembered that I could cannibalize an old pair of jeans. Then I remembered I gave them all to a thrift store. That led me to the toddler's section of one of the clothing stores I frequent: $7 for a pair of toddler jeans on sale. Iron-on denim patches were $6 for a half dozen so jackpot?

Lately, it seems like a bunch of channels on TV only show Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Marvel movies... I like them all, just not weeks/months straight.

Today, I found out that Rice Krispies are called "Rice Bubbles" in Australia. Makes perfect sense actually... After I finish my two boxes of Fruit Loops, I think I should get me some.

Five years of using the same deodorant, I finally bothered to read the ingredients list... Triclosan, huh? 

Looking for meal replacements for when I'm busy and don't feel like blowing $10 on food that I don't really love. So far the options appear to be cereal and cereal. Specifically, cereal for kids.

That feeling when you've been shopping at one store because it's on the way, but then you go into its competitor and buy the same stuff for half the price. What. The. 


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