Friday, June 08, 2018

Dear Diary #85: Worn out index finger, Food regrets

Dear Diary,

Giving my index finger a break from mouse clicking lately. Been using my middle finger on my two-ish button Logitech G5 mouse and using my ring finger now with my new three-ish button mouse -- it's a Logitech G600 so there are many more buttons but only three-ish in the front section. The G-Shift malfunctioned for a couple minutes, so I did some googling and decided to just get rid of it since I was having trouble figuring out what keys to map to those G-shfted buttons anyway. Now, the G-shift is a second left-click -- wanted something relatively harmless since I found myself accidentally hitting it with my pinky finger often. Just hope the mouse doesn't go crazy with two left-clicks mapped to it. So far so good.

Had spicy chicken biryani for lunch. It was amazing, my nose was melting down the entire time I was eating it. Enjoyed it a lot. Then about 12 hours later something happened in the middle of the night and let's just say that I don't think I'm going to order the spicy version next time. I'll go to mild and spare some of that pain, hopefully.

Used OxiClean on some old shirts for the first time ever and am impressed. It didn't get everything out but I noticed some clear progress. Unfortunately, one of the shirts I used it on has already been retired so it was more about testing if it would work or not than saving the shirt. 

Work toilet is the classic high-flow toilet retrofitted with a low-flow flusher that requires 5 flushes to flush. Someone left a "surprise" and it took a couple flushes plus holding down the flusher for a solid 5 to 10 seconds. It felt great to know that aerosolized toilet water was being blown into my face every time I pushed the plunger.


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