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You are either a person who has a fully carpeted floor or you are not a person with a fully carpeted floor. Way back when, carpeted floors were a status symbol in my extended family. Long were the talks about the houses of family friends that had carpets and how we wish we were like them. No, we only had hardwood floors and a few isolated rugs.

As a kid, I would have loved a fully carpeted floor. They're not stone cold, they are "furry", a lot more fall friendly, a good foundation for forts, and they felt cleaner. Alas, we only had two rugs when I was young: one in a bedroom and one in front of a television. They felt like home to me, especially the one in front of the television. It became my main desk and "fun" surface. I did the majority of my school work from grade 1 all the way to graduate school on one. Along the way, I started using various stools and side tables as desks because my posture was terrible -- talk to me when I'm elderly with a messed up back.

When it came time to get new carpets, we took the cheaper route and checked out the wares at Ikea. How could you not? They have a lot of variety that covers a range of prices, sizes, materials, designs, and qualities. You can find patterned rugs, bland mono-colour designs, or something a bit more advanced. Ikea even stocks a $1790 PERSISK GABBEH wool rug. Not wanting to spend much, we explored the lower end and wanted something that wouldn't stain. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that the carpet was also my main dining surface.
After some minor research, we settled on a dark coloured, older style rug. Some genius decided to buy a white rug before this one while knowing full well what it would be used for -- surprisingly, it wasn't me. That white rug became so stained it wasn't funny.
Ikea VALBY RUTA 170cm x 230cm - $119.00

Close-Up of Ikea VALBY RUTA Carpet

It came rolled up in a cylinder in the Marketplace area of an Ikea store. I brought it home, unrolled, and was done. However, because it was rolled into a ball, the carpet maintained its curvature at the ends and no amount of bending seemed to immediately flatten it fully. Ours decided to settle over time as you can see in the photo.


As a 1 cm or so thick piece of cloth, I'm curious as to what structural applications one has in mind when buying a carpet.

Expandability / Customizability

You can buy a matching carpet and put them side by side?

Everyday Use

The carpet in the photo has been used for at least five years and it still looks new. I have a similar but slightly smaller version (is it a VIBY?) that appears to have been discontinued in my room that's been around for about the same amount of time. Both are low pile, but putting something heavy on it for long periods of time has caused it to "dent". My computer chair has put a few dents into the one in my room. (Edit: I can't find the dents anymore, just some discoloration under where my chair usually rolls. Not sure if the discoloration would go away or not over time.)

Both carpets have been used as desks and dinner "tables" for years. Spills have happened. Food is regularly dropped, some genius kicked over an ounce of Bailey's and another a can of coke, and I've wiped my feet on it numerous times. No major visible stains are noticeable and I know exactly where to look. Cleaning has only ever involved wiping down with paper towels (spills or food related cleaning) and vacuuming with a Hoover or Dirt Devil. The most annoying things that get stuck to the carpets are bits of fabric that have to be picked off.

In case you're wondering, the website says that the VALBY RUTA is made from polypropylene and I'm assuming the other one is too. It still feels pretty nice and has been comfortable to use for hours at a time -- I've completed numerous school assignments on both carpets and even a few all nighters.

Other Ikea Carpet (VIBY?)

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