Monday, May 27, 2013

IKEA Branching Out: Grills, Drills, Bags, Air Purifiers

Twas like yesterday when Ikea was still just a place to get furniture and accessories for the home. I still remember my first trip there as a child where I was only along for the ride. Someone was going to pick up a swivel office chair and the nearest store was well out of the way. Can't say it was a pleasant memory because there was something wrong with the chair -- a caster would go on -- and it had to be returned. That concluded my first two trips.

Over 20 years later, Ikea really hasn't changed all that much. Then again, I can't remember that far back, so let me draw upon what I do remember from maybe 10 or so years ago. The biggest changes I can think of are typical of all businesses still in existence: they have a website and self-checkout kiosks. Their funky, forward looking style is still there, the "classics" are still or sale, and it's still the two-tiered showroom floor and marketplace experience.

All of this may or may not be changing now. Being Canadian and perpetually behind in the availability of numerous consumer products, I surf the United States retail websites all the time -- Ikea included. In this case, it appears that Canada's website is mostly up to date and, dare I say, may even be ahead. Some products are missing though, and certain webpages aren't available as I'm writing this. Well, it turns out that Ikea now has a range of new products available:

Luggage and backpacks

Child Safety (e.g. band-aids, first-aid kit, air purifier, reflective vest)
Books for children and home improvement
Beach products (e.g. coolers)
Power drills/drivers
Outdoor Grills
Solar & Wind Powered Outdoor Lights
Café Furniture

Now, I might be off on some of these things like outdoor grills and furniture designed specifically, seemingly, for businesses. They do appear new to me though. And there you have it, a bunch of new stuff from Ikea that you should check out when you get a chance.

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