Monday, May 27, 2013

Grammar: Where, were, warn, worn

I did a lot of editing and proof reading in the past few days with the help of Windows' built-in spellcheck over the past few days. Let me just say that I was not impressed with the errors I found in my own work. On the bright side, it inspired me to write more grammar stuff.


Used to ask a question about the location of something.

"Where do you go to work?"

"Where were you yesterday" In town or at home?"
"Where am I? I don't where I am."


Multiple meanings including the act of putting on an article of clothing, and to describe the condition of an object that has been well used with signs of being damaged or rubbed away.

"By stopping hard in my car, I am wearing out my brake pads."

"I have a flat foot so I wear one side of my shoot out quicker than the other."
"I wear a lot of different clothes."
"I tend to wear out my welcome fast."


Same as "wear", but in past tense.

"My break pads are worn out."

"The sole of my shoe is worn out unevenly due to my flat foot."
"I've worn a lot of different clothes."
"I've worn out my welcome on many occasions with people quickly."


To give caution to someone.

"I had to warn him that his fly was undone."

"Brake lights on my car warn drivers behind me that I'm slowing down."


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