Someone told me that I'm really bitter. I don't know what she was talking about. Oh, and a collection of weirdness and oddities. And because I don't want to start another page, I threw my YouTube videos under here.

Dear Diary and Musings -- See here

Binge-watching Limit is 5-ish
Camera Shopping: Know what you already have -- saved $250?
Can't Sleep: Clown Will Do Things to Me
Cell Phone in Toilet = Flush It
Chances are I don't like my job when...
College Life: How to Flunk Out of in First-Year
College Life: How to maybe succeed
Contact lenses suck. So do glasses.
Damn: Fell asleep at work again!
Decaf: I Finally Understand You
Did It Again: No Sleep = Drunk
Dreaming of a Burger Party
Dump the email: Pick up the phone or meet in person
Falling Asleep on the Public Transit
Fashion Oops: Very Thin Shirts
Going to Theaters / Movies Alone
Hating On My Commute: The Adventure
Heat Wave 34 C (__ F?) - I Don't Understand Fahrenheit
Holy crap: It's September!
Home Renovation: How to Piss Off Your Neighbours
How NOT to lock a bike?
Inadequate Notice: Sued for quitting a job?
The Importance of learning to say, "no"
Marathon Television and My Brain
Music Listening Habits: Same Five Songs on Repeat?
My New Shopping Addiction: Amazon
My Work Face
Online Shopping: Couriers + Oversized Packaged = The End?
Open-mouth Sneezers
Poor Man's Noise Isolating Headphones?
Power's Out -- First time in years!
Pulling out Fallout 3 and New Vegas Collector's Editions
Quit My Job, Go Back to School?
Secret Tip to Saving Electricity for Air Conditioning
Show me Your Buffet Face
Sitting at a the Computer
Slow week? Nope.
Sour Smell on Bus: Mold?
So you want to study Civil Engineering?
The Road to Becoming a Quadrilingual
TILAP #1: Keyboard Layout
TILAP #2: Reading Piano Sheet Music
TILAP #3: Sharps and Flats
Truck Stuck in Mud and Flooring Time?
Wardrobe Habits: Then and Now
WDWHTY: Giant "Battery" Based on Elevation + Gravity
WDWHTY: Packaging Recycling Drop-Offs
WDWHTY: Radio Frequency Remote Controls

Grammar: they're, their, there
Grammar: what a bunch of loosers: "loose" or "lose"
Grammar: Where, were, warn, worn
Then or than, your or you're...OMFG! Grammar! 
Word of the Day: "Touch Base"
Word of the Day: "Throwing Shade"
Writing Tips #1: Improving Your Writing
Writing Tips #2: Sentence Variation

Video: 50x Zoom Camera
Videos: Fjallraven Winter Jackets and GPS Dash Mount
Videos: Ikea TERTIAL, Ikea LERSTA, and Sony Walkman
Videos: Repeats, redos, legs, and bags

Don't clean your toaster: It's like a BBQ...
To: The Guy With the Toaster at his Desk
What an oven looks like without cleaning for years.