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Review: Ikea KULLEN 2-Drawer Chest, Revisited

So, you got rid of it but bought it again?

Yes, I Craigslisted my old Ikea KULLEN drawer months ago and just bought a new one again. There was no space left at the time and I didn't want it anymore. Then stuff happened and I went through a great purge of "assets." Space was created, the Ikea KULLEN drawer was relatively cheap, so I bought a new one to get some additional storage.
Ikea KULLEN 2-Drawer Chest being assembled
x1 - Ikea KULLEN 2-Drawer Chest

Paid: ~CA$ 40.00

In 54s: Ikea KULLEN 2 Drawer Chest Assembled
Overview: Ikea KULLEN Chest with 2 Drawers
Old vs New: Ikea KULLEN Chest, 2 Drawers
Review: Ikea KULLEN 2-Drawer Chest

This one took a while but mainly due to the need to deal with a camera and making sure things were actually in the shot. To summarize, I opened the KULLEN nightstand's box, unpacked the parts, sorted the screws, then got to work on the side panels. Things came together with the top and backs added, and the drawers were finally assembled.

I had done this before many years ago. It didn't really bring back any memories doing it this time. Not much trouble was had except with the KULLEN's drawer rails. They were made of plastic and had to be pushed into the side panels. I didn't get them all the way in initially and ended up having a lot of trouble sliding in one of the drawers near the end. It was obvious what the problem was but having to inspect the rails and make sure they were inserted fully was a chore.

One interesting new item provided in the package of screws was a plastic nail holder. I haven't had much trouble in the past holding nails with my fingers because I start really slow, then I go to town after my fingers are moved away. However, the plastic holder was really useful in helping me space the nails and align them properly.

Cleaning up took a bit of time. It was especially "bad" because the surface of the KULLEN chest was a dark color. All that wood dust showed up very clearly and I ended up wiping things down once before assembling the nightstand and once more afterwards.

Time: ~2 hours
Ikea KULLEN 2-Drawer Chest front side
Design / Construction
A fairly simple and small 2-drawer chest consisting of a few panels of fiberboard and/or particleboard. This was a relatively inexpensive, somewhat attractive piece of furniture bought more for function than form. The package did not appear to include an anti-toppling device. Not sure if it was missing or just not included. I haven't had issues with it spontaneously tipping over yet but the drawers haven't been loaded up fully and I'm pretty careful.

How was it?
Again, I had this thing before and knew exactly what I was getting. The Ikea KULLEN 2-drawer chest was purchased to provide a bit of "hidden" storage space and some additional off the floor room -- in other words, to more efficiently use an empty space in a room. Having used the TARVA's smooth drawers that, I think, had wheels attached to the rails, the KULLEN's plastic straight rails was a bit of a step back. Having to hear the rails rub against the drawer was not a welcome noise to have return.

One thing I really liked and hated at the same time was the surface material. It was really smooth and easy to wipe down. In contrast, my solid pine, unpainted or lacquered desk should be clean for another week until it fills with dust that is really difficult to wipe off -- Swiffer pads and paper towels get caught on it, so I recently vacuumed it with a brush attachment.

I'm not a big fan of fiberboard and particleboard furniture these days. The goal has been to switch to solid wood like pine or beech and Ikea has numerous options with those materials. However, this chest was cheap, small, it worked, and I won't feel too bad if I have to Craigslist it again. While not beautiful like the TARVA, it's not hideous either.
Ikea KULLEN drawers side view
Function over form at a relatively low price and at a relatively compact size. The Ikea KULLEN 2-Drawer Chest made a return to my home and it was welcomed with a bit of reluctance. Putting it together went fairly smoothly. I would have preferred to have a piece of furniture made from solid wood but the KULLEN worked.

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