Thursday, June 06, 2013

Ikea YSTAD-ish Leather Couch Review

Paper or plastic? Or in the case of couches: leather or fabric?

Fabric is my personal preference if the only consideration concerns aesthetics. It just feels more homely, more welcoming, and I just like the look. Functionally, I don't think fabric couches or chairs work as well due to the way fabric soaks things up like spills and dirt. There was much fun had way back when in hitting old cushions to see how much dust one could get flying out of it.

Leather, in my inexperienced mind, is just easier to deal with on a daily basis. The smooth surface can be easily dusted and wiped down. Spills are still not its friend, but liquids shouldn't soak through as easily. And leather may require treatment products to keep the dead cow skin in tip-top shape. They are the "luxury" material, though, in that they generally cost more and are considered "premium".

Ikea Leather Couch (Model?)
After blowing beaucoup money on renovations, we decided to go all out and join the leather club. Fulfilling the dream took but one trip to Ikea and the choice presented itself fairly quickly -- we just didn't like the other options. The only real choice was between the two and three seat versions. Being not an owner of a truck and big burly moving men, this item was delivered about a week later in the evening.

One major note about this item is that I can't find an exact copy of the sofa on the Ikea website. I want to say that it's been discontinued, but I swear it looks just like the YSTAD except the legs are much lower. And the name sounds very familiar.

Edit (October 2013): Thanks to a reader for pointing out that it is likely a discontinued leather EKTORP.

Ikea Leather Couch Back-Cushions Pushed Down
N/A: Discontinued Ikea Couch: ~$1200
Closest match: Ikea YSTAD - $1299

Ikea Leather Sofa Overview


This was years ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. I seem to recall it coming in a super large cardboard box that had to be removed outside to fit it through the doors. The only assembly required by us was putting the legs on by flipping the couch on its side and doing a few screws.

However, looking at the Ikea website, there is a full instruction set for putting the entire couch together piece by piece. My memory shouldn't be that fuzzy? Regardless, thanks to the moving people who moved this super heavy item up half a flight of stairs (164 lb according to website).

Ikea Leather Couch Wooden Leg
As a 164-ish lb couch that rides long, wide, and low, I don't see this thing falling or tipping over easily. What do I know, though...

Expandability / Customizability

Nein. Maybe some throw pillows?

Everyday Use

Again, I am a carpet person. The majority of my life has been lived cross-legged on a carpet. There have been times when I have sat on the couch while exercising (wrist-curls) and once every other blue moon. It felt (and still feels) luxurious after more than five years sitting in the living room. Others who actually use the couch are happy. The main seat and back cushions are comfy, but it doesn't seem like I'm sinking into a lake either -- just right.
Ikea Leather Couch Back-Cushions Zipper
After so many years of relatively light use, no damage has been noticed on the leather. We have not been handling this thing with kid's gloves either. In terms of cleaning, the only thing that we've done for over five years has been to wipe the surface down with a Swiffer pad or soft cloth. Occasionally, a damp paper towel or cloth has been used for spills and general cleaning.

Only the three back cushions are removable, I believe. Maybe they are removable, but it's been so long since I put it together than I don't want to "test the Velcro" that may or may not be there. The back cushions have a zipper along the bottom, which should allow for the exterior leather case to be removed.

The only regret is that we got too big of a couch for the rom. If it's not obvious, it sits in front of a sealed off fireplace because that's the only place it and the TV works. A less wide couch would have opened up more options or allowed the current placement to work. Hilariously, the price different between the current two-seat YSTAD and the three-seat YSTAD is $20 ($1279 versus $1299).

So, in case you're wondering if Ikea leather couches are any good, I hope to have provided some insight -- even if it's on a discontinued model or iteration.


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