Saturday, January 06, 2018

Where's the hospital in "Mary Kills People" (TV)?

After a couple episodes of "Mary Kills People", I started wondering where the fancy looking hospital they were using was. I think I found it but here's some backstory first.

It was semi-obvious from watching the show that at least some of the filming was done in Toronto, Ontario in Canada -- the actual city itself, not just a location within the entire metropolitan area. So, that gave me an idea of what specific features to look for and a starting point. The shots looking out the hospital's windows or out on the city from the roof also did not appear to be green-screened.

Wrong Guess
Initially, my thoughts were that it had to be the new-ish Humber River Hospital by Highway 401 and Keele Street. It started feeling less and less so because the buildings looking outside the windows on the show didn't seem to line up.

Found a Condo
In the most recent episode, I finally made out what I thought was a specific condo building in the city: the Aura by Yonge Street and Carlton Street. Toronto's kind of funny in that the really tall buildings are generally in the downtown core and then it's low or mid-rise until you get to mid-town near Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue. However, that specific condo building seems to tower over everything else when looking at it from a distance.

I still wasn't getting the orientation right though. With all the relatively low buildings around that one big tower and what I thought was a pretty tall hospital, I thought the hospital was located in mid-town. So, why weren't the tall buildings in the core visible behind the condo? Then a shot from the hospital's roof showed the cluster of downtown buildings to the left of the condo building. Obviously, this meant that the hospital was to the east of the downtown core since the core was south of the condo.

Using Google Earth, 3D buildings and a line drawn straight east of the condo, the hospital was found. "Mary Kills People" appears to be using Bridgepoint Hospital by Gerrard Street and the Don Valley Parkway as the filming location for the hospital. And from what I could tell from Google maps, there appears to be a garden on the roof of the building.

Link to Google Streetview facing Bridgepoint Hospital.

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