Friday, January 12, 2018

Dear Diary #76: Skipped movies, non-HD TV channel

Dear Diary,

A movie that I didn't give a crap about was on TV a few weeks ago, I distinctly remember seeing it on the cable guide and deciding not to watch it. Well, now I'm constantly checking the cable guide thing and hoping it comes on again. Ughhh.

The rotary switch on my TERTIAL lamp is starting to give out after at five-ish years. Turning the switch sometimes results in the lamp turning on momentarily and turning back off. First time it happened, I thought it was the bulb, but I just swapped it a few months ago even though the previous one hadn't died yet. Turning the switch a little bit more resulted in the lamp lighting up, so it's most likely the switch which I have no idea how to replace and don't feel like doing anyway. Replacement cost of the lamp is about $15 but I'm not in the mood to go get one. Sigh.

Bit my cheek again. It had been a while, maybe months, since the last time it happened. The first bite was miraculous in that it was a glancing blow and didn't cause any major damage. Ten minutes later and I chomped down hard like I usually do. Now, I'm tasting that sweet blood and it'll take a week or two to heal. Sweet, two weeks of stinging and risk of death by infection.

Turns out that a channel I almost never watched in the past has a lot of movies that none of my regular channels usually show. Only problem is that it's one of the fewer channels left that doesn't do HD. There are 4K television sets for somewhat reasonable prices nowadays so that's a bit puzzling.

I've always known that I do most of my typing with my left hand because my right hand is usually otherwise occupied babysitting the mouse. What I didn't know was how technical and specific I did this subconsciously. Apparently, there is an invisible wall separated by the keys U-H-J-M -- a wall that my left hand appears to breach quite often depending on which words are being typed.


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