Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dear Diary #75: Peak Laziness, Drinking from Bowls

Dear Diary,

I memorized the data rates for OFDM wireless tech. And I also know the cable layouts for all four pairs of CAT-5e and up cable. It feels very dirty for some reason. I also know the modulus of elasticity for steel but that never came in handy outside of school.

Bad luck: bought an eBook like a week ago and went with the older edition because it was half the price. Now, the price of the newest edition's eBook is only a few dollars more than what I paid. So, if I end up needing the new edition, I'll be paying a couple dollar premium compared to what I would have paid anyway. Why couldn't they cut the price a week ago...

Peak laziness: instead of rinsing out a glass cup that hasn't been used in weeks, I picked up a bowl instead. Surface area of exposed liquid is definitely much higher but I didn't get my hand wet!

Got some bone stuck between a molar, tried to pick it out with my nails, didn't work. Then moved on to rinsing it out, that obviously didn't work. Then went to floss it out and that juts drove it in deeper. Currently hoping that the saliva breaks it down enough that I can floss it out in the evening. But before I give up completely on letting the problem solve itself, I'm going to get a toothpick and go to town on it. If it still doesn't work, I'm buying some dental tools tomorrow.

I stay subscribed to a store's mailing list cause of frequent coupons that I haven't used in years that I might have to use at some point in the near future. Okay, one email a day peddling your wares, I get it, but seriously, do you really need to pump them out at 2 per day? Checked the time stamp on the most recent two emails from the store and they were exactly 12 hours apart. One for when I wake up, one more for the middle of the day...


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