Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dear Diary #74: Non-changing Page Numbers, Christmas Movies, OFDM

Dear Diary,

It's that time of the year again when they show "The Sound of Music" on TV... I still don't understand how it's a Christmas movie. On the other hand, I haven't seen it in a very long time and don't think I've ever seen it through from end to end.

That feeling when I'm reading a book on a Kindle app and turning the page doesn't change the page number because of the spacing/text-size formatting I'm using. It's devastating to know that I got through a page but it didn't bring me closer to the end.

Looked into picking up a retail version of Windows 10 Pro and a new battery for my really old laptop. So, $250 for the OS and $150 for the battery for $400. New laptop with pre-installed OS and new battery is $600-ish... Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Nothing beats wasting 3 hours dealing with a new OS update that adds features that I'll never use and takes away one or two very important features I did use. Because I totally wasn't using that custom font size thing as a work-around for the automatic resizing thing that turned everything fuzzy -- auto resize worked perfectly in the last OS I used. The best thing was having my antivirus setup messed up and having to Google a workaround. Now I remember why I dreaded doing OS updates when I was still able to pick and choose when to do them...

Nothing beats wasting another 3 hours trying to reinstall drivers because the OS update broke something else. I install the bare basics usually -- to avoid bloat and potential problems from bloat -- but the update decided it would just install everything. Lo and behold, problems popped up. Updating the GPU drivers took a while since I had to separately uninstall every item it installed, but it worked. Updating my sound card was an entirely different story. Probably spent an hour just finding a way to uninstall the driver because the software didn't have an uninstall option for the bloatware. Combing every folder turned up nothing, so I decided to just install all the bloat on top of the bloat the update auto-installed -- only way to "update" everything. Awesome. From perfectly functional system to trash. Not like I've got anything else I'd rather do than constantly restart my system.


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