Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dear Diary #73: Triangles, Mach3 Run into the Ground

Dear Diary,

Just realized that Chrome turns the tabs into triangles when I have like 50 open at once. Cool and functional stuff. Why do I have more than a few tabs open?

Had that thing happen where I was between being asleep and awake: couldn't tell if I had went somewhere and done something or not. Rational, awake part was saying no, but sleepy, goof-balls part was saying that I did because the details were so vivid.

Noticing more and more, like many others, that "regular" news websites and TV appear to be running stories that I already read online with a day or two lag time. Now I remember why I got rid of all those magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Took a look at my 7 year old laptop's system info while updating it -- after taking it out of literal hibernation, not the power-saving mode. For some reason, I was surprised when I saw that it only had 2 GB of RAM. Was it surprise or was it shock? Now I'm remembering that my desktop only had 4 GB of RAM up until a few years ago, so what's the deal?

Found out today that my Mach3 blades have an absolute lifespan. It appears to be four or five months of thrice a week usage. The blade was still cutting reasonably well, but the rotating section broke off the handle part. Guess that ruins my plans on really running them into the ground and shaving using the equivalent of a spoon.

On the last 80 pages of a nearly 900 page textbook and it feels like this last bunch will be the biggest pain to read. Then it's time to start the next 500 page textbook that I need to get.

So, I may have completely forgotten to count my caffeine intake for today: one can of Diet Pepsi, one store coffee, and 500 ml of instant French vanilla coffee. Sitting here feeling like I want to jump through a wall. Really built up my tolerance over the years though because I used to want to run 50 miles after just one cup of coffee.


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