Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dear Diary #72: Laptop Battery Dying, Decades without Vomiting

Dear Diary,

That time of the life cycle of a battery again: my laptop battery will only go to 85% when charging -- specifically, it hangs a long time around 85% and then suddenly jumps to 100%. According to the diagnostic program, that sounds about right for the level of battery wear. Laptop still works despite the dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM. Mostly use it as a test bed or installing stuff that has a chance of messing things up. Should probably upgrade but don't feel like blowing $500 on a laptop I barely use.

Got about 20 pages to go on a 300 page book and I am seriously putting off finishing it. Not sure if it's because I know I'll be done soon and have time to wait, or if I'm dreading those last 20 pages. Kinda proud of myself for finishing it because I tried reading the first ten pages a week ago and wanted to throw it into a fire. Now it's almost done and it wasn't that bad.

Really proud of myself for not listening to myself when I got the feeling that I should stop eating because it was way too much. Now sitting here dreaming of hurling and emptying my stomach so I stop feeling like hurling -- not allowing myself to do it in reality due to the mess and my multi-decade record of not having done so.

Meant to only read 50 pages of my 900 page textbook and ended up doing 80. Awesome. At this rate, I'll be done in a week. Yes, this is a different textbook from the 300 pager mentioned above. Currently on a roll with textbooks and buying more shortly. Book/ebook industry loves me this year...

That feeling when I know I hate the book I just bought and am reading -- not the 800 pager above, love that one. I can return it, but I already returned another item so far this year and I don't want to get banned for too many returns.

That book I hate, just about half-way through it now. I probably shouldn't have picked it up but "wasting" that $50 may have saved me from making a $10k+ mistake and like a year of time wasted.


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