Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Dear Diary #65: Dish brushes, Dollars per book page

Dear Diary,

Spent about 20 minutes scraping the cheese out of a stainless steel pan used to make macaroni and cheese. Spent the first ten minutes using a soft sponge and my fingernails. And this was after soaking the pan with soapy water for half an hour. Then I remembered I had a nylon brush I bought a while ago for cleaning out cast iron pans. That took about five minutes...

I was googling medical ailments again... using the "Images" feature. It is plain nasty and yet I can't look away. In another life, I'm probably a very capable doctor or coroner.

Looked up some computer cases and stumbled upon something I might be interested in. Price looked okay, layout fine, dimensions good, no 5.25" drive bays which is awesome to me, lot of space to work, and a package weight of about 17 lb. What? How are you so light? I had looked up my computer's case numerous times in the past and knew it was around 30 lb. My plan when upgrading my current machine was to keep the case but an almost 50% cut in weight and a better, more up to date layout? I could justify the splurge -- seriously, it's a pain having to lug the beast just to another room.

Learning about "fall finales" on TV and it's the first week of November... huh? I think I complained about the same thing last year too.

Bought a textbook for the learning and originally felt apprehensive about paying $50 for only 400-ish pages when I paid the same for 800 pages weeks prior -- same publisher or book series. Then the book got here and I was so glad the book was only 400 pages. My schedule got busier and I wanted to plow through two books so I could get to focus on another one. Not remotely thinking about the value at the moment. Funny how priorities change within the span of a week or two.


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