Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Dear Diary #64: Replying to spam, Toilet water

Dear Diary,

Finish a degree or two with 5+ exams per semester that covered a couple hundred to a thousand pages of text per course? No problem. Study for one exam that covers maybe a thousand pages of text or less? OMFG, no way I can learn that stuff and keep it in my head long enough to pass one exam...

Feeling stupid now. I replied to what may be a spam email -- it ended up in my spam folder automatically but it looked very legit and the question they asked was a simple yes or no to a non-invasive question. After replying, I googled the website and the first auto-fill was <website name> + "scam." At least I was not stupid enough to click on any of the hyperlinks in the email?

Checked my computer's temperatures. Doing regular desktop stuff and my GPU temperature is sitting at 21 C with a high of 24 C thus far. Part of the reason is that the heat still isn't on and I'm freezing. The other part is that I'm using a relatively low end Nvidia 1050 that doesn't need a PCI-E connector. I haven't seen any of my GPUs run this low in probably a decade -- all the other ones liked to idle in the 35 C to 40 C range.

Dat feeling when you're standing over the toilet bowl to flush it, then you flush it, you feel a gush of air on your lips, and you remember hearing about how flushing toilets throws fecal matter into the air or something... Just licked my lips to make it pointless to rinse my face off.

Noticed something in my vision -- on my glasses. It didn't look like random dust or flakes of skin since it was clearly black with antennas. So, I go to take the glasses off while repeating to myself, "please don't be a spider." Not because I have a phobia of spiders but because they are nasty, I think at least, and I'd prefer one not to be so close to my body and for one to have been so close to my face. That sounds paranoid until you hear about the time that a spider rappelled down from the ceiling right next to me. There was also that time that a house centipede dropped in on my desk, right where I usually put my left hand by the keyboard. Not sure if it crawled up the table or dropped down from the ceiling and managed to survive the fall.


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