Monday, November 06, 2017

Dear Diary #63: To Nope (verb), Changing seasons

Dear Diary,

Finally finished up using one particular stick of deodorant. It only took me close to three and a half years. I hope it didn't go bad or anything like that -- too late now? Time to start the second, same type of deodorant I bought three years ago. Now, I REALLY hope these things don't go bad.

I have been made aware that "nope" has now become a verb. The infinitive appears to be "to nope." One generally "nopes" out of sticky situations. Will definitely make an effort to use it in future conversations -- not kidding -- just like "to aware."

Reading a book on computer networking and how they work, I'm actually interested in the content and actually feel the "can't put it down" thing with good books. Thinking back to college and all those technical courses I took, dreading every single assignment. Yep, I definitely wasted years of my life doing something I hated.

People on TV in Los Angeles are saying that it's really hot like 100 F. I googled the temperature to get it translated to Celsius and to see if it was true... Yep, it's October in L.A. and it's starting to get cold where I am. Fingers and toes starting to ache. Somewhat jealous but not really sure about 40 C.

It's that time of year again when it isn't cold enough to justify turning the heat on but cold enough to have my smaller toes get light frostbite. Currently in the market for warm slippers or boots that are easy to get in and out of but almost never to be walked in.

After all that complaining a few months back about my new hard drive that I thought was really loud and distracting, I don't notice it anymore. Even when it's dead quiet at night, TV on mute, the only sound that gets my attention is the CPU fan spinning up and down. I can still hear the hard drive but it takes having to mute everything and close my eyes followed by concentrating on low frequency sounds. Still kind of in the market for another SSD though.


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