Thursday, November 02, 2017

Dear Diary #62: In case spider gets Me, where centipede at?

Dear Diary,

Anxiously waiting for my battery to charge so I can reorganize my closet -- power bar is plugged in right in front and under the door to the closet. Don't want to accidentally drop dust, lint, and maybe a 25 lb box or two on a lithium-ion battery and five power outlets facing up.

Went for a walk, ran into something that required a detour meaning walking a block down to a parallel street and then back up. That detour turned into a marathon because I forgot that my detour took me through a very busy area with narrow streets and relatively heavy foot traffic -- plus a lot of people out purely for a stroll. Total disaster.

Well, that's disconcerting. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a black speck and knew it was a spider immediately -- had seen it prancing around the wall closer to seat level the past few days. Then I saw something fluttering around in the breeze: it was a big collection of spiderweb. Now I have to get something to pick it away or pull it down before it comes crashing down on my desk. Where are you, house centipede? I leave you be to take care of these problems for me -- seriously, I rather deal with the 100 legs than this never ending collection of webs.

Saw what looked like a tiny, grey, and furry spider on my bookshelf. For most of the day, I thought it was just a clump of dust, but I finally saw it move when I put a book down near it -- I've been avoiding putting the book on that "dust" because I suspected. What can I say? If I end up dead because it bit me, I hope someone finds this obscure, anonymous reference to it. Don't think it was a bed bug or a tick -- this is the second time in a few weeks that I've seen insects I'd never seen before indoors, and they've been in proximity to books I recently bought. Both of these books were purchased from the same store and likely in the same warehouse. Or did that really tiny insect I saw between the pages of the book grow up into a bigger bug. Again, where are you house centipede!

Dear diary, why do I have to deal with so many insects?


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