Friday, October 27, 2017

Dear Diary #61: Labels, Browser Tabs, Life & Death

Dear Diary,

The packing label I taped to my package looks insane if you look closely. I used an inkjet printer so was somewhat concerned about waterproofing the label. To make it more water resistant, I used clear packing tape to cover the important parts of the label -- essentially covering a third on the left and right. The idea that I was worrying too much popped up in the middle of taping down the middle third, so I left that exposed, then I wondered why I didn't finish the job when I was so close to finishing. Label now consists of two long pieces of clear tape down the sides and an extra four pieces down the middle when I couldn't decide how much to cover. Note to self: get a laser/thermal printer or just tape the entire thing next time.

Disadvantage of having a separate email for hawking wares on classifieds: I don't forward the email to my main email and often forget to check it more than once a day. Then deals fall through with what appear to be genuinely interested buyers. So tired of the two or three stupid books I want to get rid of sitting on my bookshelf...

Love it when I spazz out while closing tabs on my browser and instead of clicking once, I click twice with just enough lag time between the clicks to close two tabs. The second tab is almost always still in use or not read yet. A lot of the time, I have a bunch of tabs open and completely forget what was on the tab I accidentally closed. Must have not been that important, or I better hope whatever was on that page doesn't come in handy in a life or death situation?

I made my first return to Amazon in well over a year and it actually showed a shipping charge since the return was my "fault." This was awesome because I felt bad the previous time or two I made returns that were also my "fault" and they didn't seem to deduct anything for shipping.

There was a spoonful of salt at the bottom of the package of nuts. I ate it and it tasted disgustingly awesome.


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