Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dear Diary #66: Delivery dudes with my key, rationing memory

Dear Diary,

So, there's a delivery service rolling out that supposedly allows the delivery person to open one's front door. Can't say I would be okay with that. However, I saw something that looks like a shareable lock required -- not free -- to get the service going. Wouldn't put that on my front door, but I would be willing to put it on a small shack or a crate. The majority of my parcels are small enough to fit in a container with a couple cubic feet of capacity. Nothing I dread more than having a "we missed you" notice tacked on my door and having to go across town, or even the closest post office, to pick it up. Only real worry I have is having a package looted from the front door where it's visible from the street... out of sight is good enough for me.

This is weird and disconcerting: I'm noticing that I actively try to avoid memorizing certain things these days. It's like rationing my memory for something. What exactly? I don't know. Considering all the years of school I went through, memorizing useless crap that I never used after the final exam, you'd think that I would be good at that. I'm confident in my ability to memorize when necessary, there's just a part of me that is vehemently against doing so. Possibly because I know how pointless it may be...

Good news: I don't need to buy any more inhalants because I can smell the new textbook I bought from a few feet away. The last time I ran into this problem, I returned the book because it kind of sucked. I like this book so I'm keeping it, but dude, what's with all the fumes. My head's stuck in it for an hour or two a day...

Pretty absolutely sure now that I majored in the wrong thing in college and wasted the ten best years of my life, supposedly, studying and working in the field.

That's weird, why is there a feature length film on TV that is only one hour and five minutes long? Oh right, clocks change back tonight.

Twas randomly looking up wireless microphones like the ones they use on the TV. Realized the term "wireless microphone" wasn't specific enough since it brought up everything, but all I was interested in was the lapel clip-on type with battery packs. Apparently, they may be called "lavalier" microphones. Fancy name. Fancy indeed.


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