Thursday, September 07, 2017

Dear Diary #53: Acclimatizing to Windows 10, Hard Drive Noise

Dear Diary,

Been running Windows 10 a couple days now. It works fine, I like how the menus/settings appear simplified. I managed to find most things I wanted from Windows 7 in the Windows 10. Only complaints are the fuzzy/blurry text when using 125% scaling and the shutdown sound. I always used 125% in Windows 7 and text was sharp, some googling suggested that this was a "feature" due to a new scaling method. The shutdown sound is a speed thing: the sound never finishes playing before the power gets cut off, so the speaker lets out a pop noise like if I suddenly paused a song/sound in the middle of playing. Going into the settings for Windows sounds, I couldn't turn it off. Googling suggested that I'd have to use regedit to make the option show up in the menu... I'll either do that or learn to turn off my speakers before shutting down.

New hard drive is working fine but is making a humming noise. It's not that loud or annoying, just noticeable because I didn't have this noise for the past 8 years. Really tempted to go out and buy a $60 2.5" laptop hard drive like the one that just died last week to make it quieter. The biggest problem is I'd then have a $90 fully functional paperweight of a week old hard drive. I could get an external enclosure to put it in but 3.5" drives need to be plugged into a power source, but I am pro-less stuff these days -- not to mention the $30 for an enclosure. And I already have an external 2.5" drive I barely use.

Making a second back-up of files using my old 32 GB USB 2.0 USB flash drive...  Thinking to myself, "what's the point of having a 32 GB drive when it takes so long to load it?" If I weren't starting from scratch it'd be easier and quicker but my oh my, it's taking long time. Too bad I hate using my external hard drive because that thing actually isn't that slow.

That's weird. After installing Windows 10, my CD/DVD drive is glitchy. It does open, I can put a disk in, the disk will work, but when I try to get the disk out, it won't let me. Pressing the drive button or clicking on "Eject" in Windows ejects the disk and before it comes out all the way, it closes or pulls the disk back in. Getting the disk out required opening the drive before allowing Windows to load. Instead of looking for a fix, I think I'm going to just pull the drive out next time I go in there. I only have two programs on DVDs that I have to install on fresh OS installations. Everything else I used to consume on DVDs is streamed or downloaded. The external drive I got years ago has a drive tray without a motor so that won't be a problem with it. Taking out the drive would also "unclutter" the inside of my case by one power cable and one SATA cable. The removal of the drive should also make picking up the entire case ever so slightly easier minus the weight. I got this huge, spacious, and heavy Antec P183 case years ago so I'd never have to upgrade again... now it feels like I should downgrade/size.

I looked up cases I could downsize to and couldn't find anything I liked. There was something similar, smaller, and cheaper. However, it was cheaper in more ways than just price from what I could tell. No, thank you.


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