Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dear Diary #54: Frozen Food Melting, Whistling Kettle, Dentist Woes

Dear Diary,

Dear Ad Co., please stop spamming me with mattress ads. I am not in the market for a mattress. I may have looked at a furniture store's website. Pretty sure I didn't hit up the mattress section.

I bit the bullet and hauled a frozen pie/cake dessert home from the store's freezer section. It took an hour to get home so good luck to me because it was on its side in my backpack -- twas a warm day and my back probably roasted it. Haven't checked on it yet.

Ugh, let my kettle whistle despite standing beside it for a solid minute watching it intently. Huh? I don't like listening to my kettle whistle but I like having the whistle in case I forget about it which is rare but not never. So, what I usually do is turn the stove off just as steam starts coming out of the spout -- couldn't see the steam because of a breeze from a window and lighting. Completely screwed it up because I was using the bigger 8" burner. Two minutes of whistling, woe is me.

Got a dentist appointment coming up. Deep down, I want to go from one check-up every six months and move it to nine months because money -- can afford, would rather not, and I actually brush/floss daily now. Instead of saying so to my dentist and the assistant, I'm going to lie about being busy for the month and push it later...

It happened again. Important phone call, someone left a message, and I didn't find it until a day or two or more later because I don't bother checking my messages often. You'd think I'd have learned by now. On the other hand, why aren't they contacting me via email. Wish my cell phone was like a VoIP phone I set up for someone that has an online notification for voicemail -- and the ability to listen to voicemail online.

Can't wait until I run out of my current model of razor blades. Just cut myself lightly while shaving again while pressing a bit harder than I should have. The last time was while using the single blade on the back of razor and pressing too hard. Stop pressing so hard?


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