Sunday, September 03, 2017

Dear Diary #52: Sonic Boom, Broken Glass, Lost Dog

Dear Diary,

A while ago, I cringed when I heard someone say, "yeah, yeah, yeah." Now I'm using it multiple times on a daily basis. One "ya" is not enough. I don't seem to use "yeah, right" anymore either.

Weird dreaming lately... In one, I got a new dog and immediately lost it on the bus or in a taxi -- the panic was that I couldn't remember which. In another, I deposited a check into a crappy account that took $10 off the top just for the privilege of putting money in there. The check one wasn't really scary, just very outrageous.

Love it when I go to blow dust off a pair of glasses and end of spitting on them instead. Trying to avoid breaking out the cleaning cloth to nudge a bit off, end up needing it and cleaning the entire lens. Can't wait until they invent 100% guaranteed Lasik for life with bionic implants as backups.

Went to the store to get something I knew they had in stock from checking their stock online. Got there and took a while to find it. Why? Because it was on one of the really high hooks. On top of being on a high hook, it was pushed all the way to the back of the hook. The store was busy and I wasn't in the mood to get someone to get it for me, so I just left. It helped that I wasn't 100% committed to buying it and I could just get a similar product online. Still can't decide who really lost in this though: the store or me? The similar product online is about $20 more and I'll have to wait for the delivery. Oh well.

Nothing quite beats walking to the kitchen at night and stepping on a small piece of broken glass. Even better is when you don't believe it's glass at first, so you keep stepping on it and drive it deeper. Then, when the sensation moves from "something hard is stuck to my foot" to "that's definitely glass and broke the skin," it gets even better. Picking the shard of glass out opens up a surprisingly large gusher and you start dripping blood all over the kitchen and bathroom floors. I thought I was careful, but while washing my hands, I dripped a blob onto a carpet, didn't see it, then stepped on it later and tracked it all over. The best part was I wasn't the person who broke any glass recently and messed up the clean-up job. Shoeless home for the lose this time.

Air show is in town. Nothing like trying to get some sleep but hearing a jet engine approaching and having to try to cover my ears. Seriously, years ago, some dude went supersonic right overhead and my windows were open. It went from no sound to instant deafening boom and gone again.


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