Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dear Diary #48: Water Filters, Voicemail Reply, Half Windsors

Dear Diary,

Water filter saga: I am looking for a pitcher-based water filter. I have found a pitcher-based water filter for a reasonable price that does what I want it to do. I can not find the model of water filter I want locally. I can find the water filter I want online but it has no reviews which is suspicious. I want to buy my thing locally. Why so hard...

Got a voicemail message that told me to call them back -- it was actually somewhat important. Yet, they didn't bother to tell me what their number was. Or is it assumed now that everyone's voicemail service will tell you who called when? Mines did, luckily. Wonder if it handles hidden numbers...

Saw an ad for a bag of nuts on TV, then I remembered that I had a bag of those exact nuts in the cabinet. Eating that bag of nuts then became necessary. Advertising sort of won this round... Whether I go back and buy more bags or not will be the only way to tell.

Not that I've had to do it, but it turns out that I may not know how to turn the caption off on my cable box. I almost never want it off and it's probably been on since I got the box many years ago. Going into the settings didn't seem to provide an option... And a quick google solved my problem. Turned out the button was hidden away in a sub-menu -- it was kind of intuitive actually, I was just used to having a completely separate button for that. But I found out that I can't really access my TV's menu with the universal cable box remote while trying to solve the problem.

Had to tie a tie recently and I think I managed a half-Windsor without any help, but I wanted the full Windsor and gave up after a try. Google took care of that but the mirror image thing of looking at the pictures blew my mind. Reminder to never fully untie my tie to avoid the hassle of having to tie my tie -- go go lazy!

Woke up yesterday with part of my neck sore. Woke up today with my entire neck sore and I can't tilt my head all the way back. Good times.


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