Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dear Diary #47: Ratchets, Wine Corks, Ethanol Consumption

Dear Diary,

I finally decided to time how long it took me to take public transit from certain stops to certain stops. These were routes I regularly took. Now, I always had an idea how long they took because clocks were available along the way, but exactly how long down to the minute? No idea.

Destroyed my fingers screwing a screw into a tight space... then I remembered that I bought a ratchet set that probably would have taken care of that problem. Too bad that ratchet was in a different toolbox so I didn't see it. Last I checked, Ikea still didn't have a ratchet set for sale yet. They've got drills but not a ratchet. Hope that changes.

Nothing beats living in a place built before lead paint got banned or phased out. There are probably layers and layers of lead paint all over. Should be fine as long as it isn't disturbed so I don't disturb it. But what do you do when a really stupid person decides to just go scraping a few square feet of wall with a trowel with nothing but a tiny round garbage can to try to catch it all?

Apparently, I don't know how to use Excel and PowerPoint. Guess those hundreds of spreadsheets and presentations I made over the past decade were all done wrong?

Just destroyed my hand trying to open a twisty-cap on a bottle of wine. It almost made me wish that it was sealed with a cork except I don't know where my corkscrew is. And it got annoying seeing bits of cork in my wine. The lack of a cap to reseal the bottle was also annoying. Then I got a silicone insert that came with an easy to use cap. But I don't know where that thing has gone. Man, it's been a while since I bought a bottle of wine with a cork seal.

My drunk self decided to determine the exact quantity of ethanol that I had consumed by using online calculators and a nearby scale. Scale reading said 460 grams with alcohol and glass. Now to wait and see what it reads with but the glass.


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