Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dear Diary #49: Rusty Hips, Shoes Not Waterproof, Phones

Dear Diary,

Note to self: don't DVR things off any other channel than the primary broadcast. Missed half a show because the channel I did record it off of didn't have the proper schedule programmed.

That thing that didn't record properly I mentioned earlier, I found it on the on-demand service, but I had to pause it in the middle of the program. It wouldn't let me rewind or fast forward, so I really hope it saved my position or I'll be watching the same part three times over.

That thing I couldn't record and found on the on-demand service earlier died. The episode I was watching disappeared from the menu. So, I had to go online and watch a stream of it from the channel's website.

The occasion arose where I had the pleasure of using the phrase, "go eff yourself." Then I wondered if it was an actual documented phrase in dictionaries: it was.

Turns out my seven year old "stupid" cell phone isn't as immortal as I thought it was: the date and time are messed up. A few days ago, it's August now, the date was showing as December 24. Biggest problem right now is trying to find a way to change the date because I couldn't find it in the settings after looking briefly. Wonder if there's a non-rechargeable coin battery inside the phone that needs changing... Or maybe it's time for a new phone.

Nothing beats biting the inside of my mouth exactly where I bit it days ago because it was swollen already. Just a couple more days and it would have healed...

Found out my leather boots aren't waterproof. Wore them on a pretty warm summer day because it was raining and didn't want my running shoes to get soaked. I don't think water leaked in through a hole or anything, rather it may have soaked in through the leather at the front of one foot. To be fair, I wore them straight out of the box and never applied any waterproofing sprays or leather treatment. Oh well, I'll just keep in mind that they're water resistant and not waterproof in the future. Still not spraying or brushing anything on.

My hip has been on fore lately after long walks that I used to do with ease a few years back. Couldn't even cross a leg yesterday. Hoping it's the lack of activity lately but it may be the whole age thing kicking in.


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