Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: Ikea PAJ OST Cheese Pie

And another bit from another run to the Ikea food section.
Ikea PAJ OST Cheese Pie Package
Ikea PAJ OST Cheese Pie: US$ 3.99 (CA$ 3.49)

Overview: Ikea PAJ OST Cheese Pie

Unboxing and Cooking
I pulled open a flap on the side of the box and out fell five Ikea PAJ OST cheese pies. Without reading the box, I was expecting four pies for some reason. Four round, big pies, crammed into the square box so all the room inside was used up. That was not what I got. Anyway, the pies slid right out of the box and they were not wrapped. I only found something like a muffin cup attached to the bottom of each of the pies.

There were instructions on the back of the box. Instead of using an oven like it suggested, I looked over the ingredients and determined that I would be comfortable just popping them in the microwave. The muffin cup was removed before microwaving. That worked out pretty well and they came out hot.
Ikea PAJ OST Cheese Pie Cooked and Cut Open
How was it?
On the small side in terms of appearance but adequately sized for eating. I found the PAJ OST pies to be fairly good. The flavor was strong when it came to the filling but this got balanced out by the blander pastry or crust area. Speaking of the crust, it added an interesting texture and crispiness to the pie.

What I mainly tasted was the cheese. The PAK OST pies really reminded me of the Ikea GRĂ–NSAKSKAKA vegetable medallions I had a while back -- it was also the taste of cheese that came through the most.

I thought they were pretty good and sized more like appetizers or a side-dish than a main course. A bigger version would have been much more interesting, The entire box that I bought was consumed and it felt pretty filling for lunch -- all the other stuff I made along with these pies ended up feeling like too much food.

Not bad for CA$ 3.49. The flavor and texture were interesting. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed somewhat by the size though. They seemed more like appetizers than a main course.

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