Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: Ikea LUSSEBULE Saffron Roll

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Ikea LUSSEBULLE Saffron Roll Package
Ikea LUSSEBULE Saffron Roll: US$ 3.99 (CA$ 2.99)

Overview: Ikea LUSSEBULLE Saffron Rolls

Unboxing and Cooking
The LUSSEBULE bread came in a plastic bag. I was a bit confused at first because I couldn't find any instructions to cook it, just to defrost it. Then I thought about it and realized that this was probably just fully cooked and prepared bread, frozen to make it last longer.
Inside the Bag: Ikea LUSSEBULLE Saffron Roll
I ended up pouring everything out of the LUSSEBULE bag and popping it into the microwave to warm up for less than a minute. Leaving them to defrost at room temperature seemed like it would take longer than I would have liked.

How was it?
Taking the LUSSEBULE saffron rolls out of the freezer seemed odd. I almost always buy bread from the supermarket on a room temperature shelf. It worked out well though because popping the LUSSEBULE in the microwave seemed to make it much more interesting.
Ikea LUSSEBULLE Saffron Rolls Opened Up
They were consumed with a smudge of margarine after cutting them in halves or quarters. Half of one roll was eaten with nothing on it. Being slightly warm from the microwave, it felt pretty soft overall. The exterior seemed slightly hard like a shell. In terms of taste, the LUSSEBULE roll seemed to be a bit sweet. It wasn't like it was frosted with sugar, there was just a nice hint of sweetness. I wasn't sure if this was from a light glaze, the raisins, or something else baked into the bread. The margarine seemed to complement the bread nicely -- does it ever not? Also, sizing appeared to be appropriate and neither too big or small for me.

I enjoyed the LUSSEBULE rolls very much and would probably get them again. The price seemed reasonable at around CA$ 2.99 -- not super cheap since I could get a full loaf for around that much. I've seen raisin bread available at bakeries, but something about this frozen, prepackaged product made it seem more attractive to me.

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