Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review: Ikea KÖTTBULLAR Meatballs

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Ikea KOTTBULLAR Meatballs Package
Ikea KOTTBULLAR Meatballs: US$ 8.99 (CA$ 9.99)

Overview: Ikea KÖTTBULLAR Meatballs

Unboxing and Cooking
The KOTTBULLAR meatballs came in a bag similar to the Ikea GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable balls I bought a week or two back. I cut a small hole in the bag and squeezed out some meatballs. And once again, while looking for cooking directions, I think I was greeted with the best collection of words in the world: fully cooked or already cooked, I forget which.  Really hoping I didn't misread that.

Another interesting and puzzling thing I noticed on the back of the bag were the words beef and pork. Two meats in the same meatball? The meatballs I poured out went into a small bowl, and I chose to microwave them. There were actually instructions on the back of my bag for cooking in the microwave and an oven. One seemed a lot simpler with a supposedly already cooked product.
Ikea KOTTBULLAR Meatballs Cooked
How was it?
Tasted like hamburger meat. Homemade (i.e. store bought, frozen, so just the cooking part) hamburger meat. Cutting some meatballs in half revealed a fairly uniform interior. I didn't see any shredded vegetables, but maybe I just missed them.

The flavor of the KOTTBULLAR meatballs really reminded me of frozen, store-bought, fried on a non-stick fry pan hamburger meat because I often eat them with very little on top. I like my hamburgers boring and plain with ketchup and mustard. A lot of the time, the mustard is nowhere to be found, so all I get is ketchup and not that much of it either. That makes it very easy to pick out the taste of the meat. I was tempted to throw some ketchup and mustard in a corner and take these meatballs for a ride. However, they were pretty good on their own. I enjoyed the overall taste, and the lightly crispy skin after a stint in the microwave was a welcome surprise -- similar to the vegetable balls I had.

About a kilogram of KOTTBULLAR meatballs for CA$ 10. I thought the taste was there, not the most spectacular thing ever, but fairly good. Cooking seemed simple enough unless I missed or misread something. And it seemed like I could get at least five meals out of the bag.

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