Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review: Ikea PIZZABITAR Pizza Slice

Finally, I got to the pizza I bought a few weeks back. Don't know why it took so long. It probably had to do with the size of the package -- looked intimidating at over a foot long. Carrying this thing home was the biggest problem. The length didn't allow it to fit in my backpack, and it was half sticking out of a reusable grocery bag.
Ikea PIZZABITAR Pizza Slice Package
Ikea PIZZABITAR Pizza Slice, Vegetarian: US$ 5.99 (CA$ 6.49)

Overview: Ikea PIZZABITAR Pizza Slice

Unboxing and Cooking
First thing I did was try to tear open the side of the bag. It just didn't happen. The bag seemed really tough so I had to get a pair of scissors to cut a side open. I was met with pizza sitting on what looked like a cardboard support upon opening the bag.

Not wanting to eat the entire pizza at once, an attempt was made to crack the pizza into smaller portions while it was still frozen. While doing so, I realized that it had already been cracked in one or two spots. The assumption was that it occurred while sitting in the freezer or during transport. However, closer inspection of the bag revealed writing about seven slices. I didn't bother to flip the entire pizza over and look for lines or cuts revealing seven pre-cut slices. However, the slices that came out of the bag were awfully straight like they had been pre-cut.

Laziness took over and this being a, supposedly, vegetarian pizza, I felt comfortable cooking it in the microwave -- as I usually do with precooked, frozen pizzas. The cheese melted and everything appeared to be warm throughout.
Ikea PIZZABITAR Pizza Slice, Cooked in Microwave
How was it?
Best pizza I've had in a while. The places I usually go to for pizza have things that bug me. For example, sauce that is too sour, too much sauce, rock hard crust, or overcooked. Maybe it was the microwave and how much time I cooked it for, but the PIZZABITAR was almost perfect for me. The crust or dough part was nice and soft, everything was moist, the cheese was just melted and not burnt, and the sauce didn't seem either too sour or too sweet. The toppings all meshed together and I didn't even notice or care that there supposedly wasn't any protein.

What really stood out with the PIZZABITAR was probably the taste of the dough or pastry part. It reminded me very much of the raw pizza dough that I bought at the supermarket -- for making one's own pizza that needed to be cooked and not just warmed up. I'm having trouble thinking up words to describe the taste. There was just this distinct flavor that I think came from the flour used.

At CA$ 6.50, the price didn't seem too expensive or cheap. I've never weighted a chain store or restaurant pizza before so can't compare using the 700 gram labelled mass. Size-wise, the PIZZABITAR appeared to be something of a cross between a small and a medium pizza in my experience. A single slice at a local restaurant would have probably approached $4 -- this PIZZABITAR appeared to be two of those slices.

Absolutely loved the Ikea PIZZABITAR and I would buy it again. Cost seemed reasonable and comparable to local options. However, size was a concern. The length of the package was on the long-side.

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