Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dear Diary #9: Batteries, Licking Spoons, and Rice

Dear Diary,

Baked my first cake in years -- it was pre-mixed.

I don't know if it was because I licked the spoon or if it was the tablespoon I ate on the cake, but I don't feel so good after eating cake frosting. Note to self: skip the prepackaged, stored at room temperature in the supermarket, frosting next time.

I discovered short-throw and super short-throw projectors. Having been blinded numerous times walking in front of regular throw projectors, I can't believe these aren't more popular. Or is it the huge price tag?

Camera battery is low -- again. Instead of charging it, I crossed my fingers and hoped it wouldn't run out before I was done the next day.

Feeling bad for ordering 8 kg sacks of rice online. I'd tip the delivery guy but it's dropped off without a knock on the door.

Bought a kilo of Bisquick at the store, found it online for 25% less when I got home. It was like a dollar difference but still.


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