Monday, November 23, 2015

(Spoilers) Fallout 4: Stuff I Found, Part 2

***SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers may be found in the post below about VARIOUS ITEMS. And I'm going to add in a bit of filler text here to limit how much of the main article gets shown in a preview. That should take care of most of it. Hopefully. And away we go. SPOILER WARNING. ***

Next up, a thought or two on settlement defenses.

Settlement Defenses
Three attacks so far at level 25 with about 6 settlements. There was another incident with a mutated deer that walked into range of my turrets -- I don't know why all of my defenses went all out on it because it didn't fight back. All of the actual attacks or raids happened when my settlement defenses were not great. Think they were rated in the sub-50 range, probably in the mid to upper 30s.

Anyway, because of the unpleasantness of having to run around chasing down some people that were doing damage, I decided to go all out on defenses. Every settlement since got spammed with turrets until the rating hit 50 or up -- at least one was 70 and another was over 100.

It got a bit tedious to carefully plan out my defenses after the third or fourth settlement. This got me thinking on how to just build something really standard that worked, covered almost every direction, and bumped up the rating. The standard solution went from a few short towers spaced around the perimeter of a settlement to a single tall tower.

The Tower
What I started doing was build a two storey-sh tall tower with four or five turrets on the top at every corner. Careful placement usually got me around 360 degrees of coverage. An extra two or three on the ground covered blocked areas or faced the tower itself in case anything got through.

The tower itself was built with two wood floor, pier foundations with a set of stairs sandwiched between. Floors were added to the second level on each side of the stairs. Walls were added to help the structure make sense -- the game appeared to allow it to work without the walls but I wanted it to be somewhat real in a post-apocalyptic wasteland...

One thing I noticed was that I screwed up the floors initially. I wasn't aware that there was a thicker floor meant for upper level floors. The floor that I had been using was causing a big gap between the top of the wall "supporting" it and the floor above.

How did the tower work out? No idea, no one's bothered to attack since I started pumping up my defense rating. Too bad because I wanted to see the things work.

Was I wrong or what... I hit level 28-ish and started getting quests to defend my settlements with fairly large groups attacking. More accurately, the quests were assigned, but I missed them each time and found out after I ran out of time and failed on the other side of the map. Had to load an old save each time. Seeing half a dozen turrets and a dozen armed settlers light up the sky was nothing short of beautiful...

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