Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hating On My Commute: Option 3

You Chose Option #3
3. He walks to the nearest west-east train and heads east, heads east to a north-south bus route, heads north, and arrives at the office.

Good day total time: 1.25 hours

He's waiting for a bus...
Because traffic is generally heading into the city's core in the west, the train heading east is relatively empty and Marcel easily boards it. He arrives at the bus station within 20 minutes. The northbound bus, however, has been delayed because of heavy traffic heading south towards the core -- probably also due to traffic northbound. This has resulted in a backlog of passengers.

A bus arrives 15 minutes later, but the backlog isn't too bad and he manages to board a bus. The bus must head through narrow two lane roads and stops very frequently to pick up passengers. Marcel eventually arrives at work about 1.5 hours after leaving home. Knowing that the commute would take a long time and that there would likely be a delay, he left home early and arrives with 15 minutes to spare. He can not wait for 8.25 hours to pass until he can do his commute again in reverse.


Over time, the commute wears Marcel down and he ends up rage-quitting the job.

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