Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hating On My Commute: Option 2

You Chose Option #2
2. He walks to the nearest west-east train route and heads west taking the train to the north-south train, heads north, switches to a west-east bus, and heads east to the office.

Good day total time: 1 hour
Waiting for the train...
Marcel walks to the nearest west-east train route and starts to wait for a train. The number of people waiting for a train appears to be larger than on a good day. One arrives three minutes later. Unbeknownst to him, there was a delay half an hour earlier. Due to the high commuter volume, the backlog has yet to clear. Four trains in a row arrive into the station with space for only one person to fit onboard at each door -- few people disembark to make space in this residential area.

When the fourth train arrives, all inhibitions have been released and he just gets on, sandwiching himself between two people at the door. The north-south train is, luckily, not at capacity and he easily boards it. A short trip on a relatively empty bus heading east later and he arrives at work. It has been 1.5 hours since he left his home. Luckily, he planned for a bad commute and arrived 30 minutes early.

Having done this commute for years, Marcel is now looking for a new job and is even thinking of abruptly quitting with nothing lined up.


Over time, the commute wears Marcel down and he ends up rage-quitting the job.

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