Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hating On My Commute: Option 1

You Chose Option #1
1. He walks to the closest west-east bus route, takes the bus west to the nearest to the nearest north-south train route, heads north, then switches back to a west-east bus to get to the office.

Good day total time: 0.75 hours
Waiting at the bus stop

Marcel walks to the closest west-east bus route, but traffic is very bad heading into the city's core. The bus arrives 15 minutes after he arrives at the stop. It is rush hour. This means that the bus is crammed full of people so that there is only space for two people to get onboard. The 15 minute wait has resulted in 20 other people waiting at the stop.

For some reason, Marcel doesn't want to rush to the front of the queue of 20 other people -- some of who live in his neighborhood and he sees daily -- to nudge himself between give strangers and decides to wait for the next bus. However, some people do manage to fit onboard with the door barely closing behind them. Another bus arrives a few minutes later and is also full because of the backlog of people at earlier stops. He, again, doesn't want to rush to the front of the queue of over a dozen people.

... Two buses later, Marcel finally manages to get onboard a relatively full bus. He arrives at the train station and gets onboard, head north, switch to a bus, and makes it to work 1.5 hours after leaving home.

Luckily, he knew the commute would take more than the best case of 0.75 hours and that there are no good days. Marcel arrives at work with about 15 minutes to spare, finishes his shift, and does it all over again in reverse.


Over time, the commute wears Marcel down and he ends up rage-quitting the job.

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