Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hating On My Commute: Option 4

You Chose Option #4
4. He walks west to the nearest north-south train, heads north, switches to west-east bus, gets to the office. PICK OPTION FOUR.

Good day total time: 1.5 hours
Taking the train...
Marcel has realized that the most reliable part of his trip is the northbound train route and eastbound bus route afterward. Instead of waiting for an unreliable and overcapacity bus or train taking him to the northbound train, he walks it. This walk takes over 40 minutes, but sometimes it takes just as long to arrive at the northbound train waiting for a westbound bus or train.

Walking is reliable and consistent, the northbound train is relatively reliable and consistent as well. He switches to a bus in the north that takes him east, dropping him off at work outside the office. The door to door commute time is 1.5 hours and he has about 15 minutes to spare.

At the end of the day, he has found a relatively reliable and consistent route. During his 40 minutes walk on the way home, something starts to bug him: a one hour, one-way commute became 50% longer. A two hour total daily commute has become a three hour commute. Quite the pickle...


Over time, the commute wears Marcel down and he ends up rage-quitting the job.

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