Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Review: Kraft Peanut Butter with Chocolate

I found it sort of on sale at a different store and didn't think I was going to head back for a while. Why not just pick it up?
Kraft Peanut Butter with Chocolate Packaging
Another jar of peanut butter but with chocolate this time around. Without tasting, the peanut butter with chocolate flavor from Kraft looked like a brown paste from the outside. I would have thought it was Nutella if the jar was missing and someone spread it onto something ahead of time.

I opened the jar, dug about a tablespoon out with a butter knife, and mashed it onto two slices of bread. At least one of those actions has to count as cooking... Right?
Two Scoops of Peanut Butter with Chocolate
Taste & Verdict
This reminded me of Nutella when I saw it in the store, and it did it again when I opened up the jar and scooped a bit out. The only time I ever had Nutella was when a sample came in the mail and I didn't want to throw it out because that seemed wasteful. On the other hand, who it came from and what it had been through to make it to my mailbox didn't bring the most pleasant thoughts. That Nutella stuff was pretty good, but it didn't seem like something I'd use regularly, so the sample didn't lead to a purchase of a full jar. Was this peanut butter like Nutella?

Zoomed Out a Bit

I don't know... It had been years since I tried the stuff. This Kraft peanut butter had to be evaluated on its own. The first thing I noticed when scooping it out was that it felt like it had the consistency of smooth peanut butter. In fact, I thought that it could have just been regular peanut butter if the brown color was a few shades lighter. It wasn't very easy spreading the peanut butter onto untoasted bread for me, just like with regular peanut butter -- bread was being torn apart and sticking to the knife or itself. Regardless, the job was done and I sampled the stuff on two slices of untoasted not-white (it wasn't white, but I don't remember if it was whole wheat/grain) bread.

What I tasted first was some mildly sweat chocolate. With a bit of chewing, the next flavor that came to me was a bit of peanut butter. Altogether, it seemed like the chocolate and peanut butter flavors were both slightly muted and didn't overpower the other. They helped balance each other out and work together. There was nothing off-putting to me and I thought the overall flavor wasn't that strong -- not to say it was bad. It worked for me as a good, balanced mix of chocolate and peanut butter. If there was one thing I could have changed, it would have been to make it sweeter or the chocolate more prominent. However, that would have made it more a candy than a spread?

Spread Onto Bread

Once I finish this jar, I would consider buying more. That might be a ways off though because the plan is to try Nutella properly first. This peanut butter wouldn't make a bad back-up flavor to switch to every once in a while though.

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