Sunday, February 08, 2015

Musings... Cleaning Habits

Washed My Vacuum's Filters Out
I recently washed the filters of my vacuum cleaner. It was the first time since buying the machine about a year and a half ago. The filters looked pretty good: one by the motor looked pristine while the one by the dust canister was only dirty on one side.

What does this have to do with anything?

It's a window into my cleaning habits. I didn't bother cleaning the filters until recently because I don't vacuum that much. On average, the machine was probably used once a month since I acquired it. It was only used to clean two carpets usually -- not fully carpeted floors, no pets. A cleaning at least once every three months for the filters was recommended, if I remember right. However, that didn't seem to make sense with how little I used mine. Some people seem to vacuum more than once a week. The cleaning staff usually came by twice a week to vacuum at an old job.

Dusting or Why I Don't Buy Dark Colored Furniture Anymore
When it comes to wiping surfaces down, I usually use a Swiffer cloth. If I really want to "clean it good", I use a wet piece of paper towel. This probably happens once a month, maybe two, or until the dust on some surfaces start looking really thick. Keyword there is "looking."

I used to have a dark colored desk that caused every bit of dust to gets its own spotlight. It was "looking" bad after a relatively small amount of time. That one required weekly dusting to look good -- not saying I actually dusted weekly. When it came to getting another desk, I made sure to stay away from anything that wasn't light colored. All of my birch, beech, or pine toned surfaces seem to hide dust extremely well.

Now that everything is written out, I kind of feel bad about my infrequent cleaning practices.

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