Monday, February 02, 2015

M&M's Peanut Review

Another oldie but a goodie. This is one of my favorite candies of all time, probably ranked half a step below Smarties or whatever I said was my favorite previously.

A small yellow bag of peanuts coated in chocolate coated in a hard candy shell. The M&M's I sampled for this review were an assortment of colors such as red, green, and blue. They looked like tiny eggs with a shiny shell, measuring about 1 cm in diameter and about 1.5 cm in height. Each candy shell had the letter "m" on them in white. It was pretty easy to open the bag by just tearing at one of the pointed edges. From my experience with the candy, nothing appeared to be different about the candy on the inside or out. Even the packaging looked similar to what I was used to.

M&M's Peanut Packaging
Didn't do anything this time around -- or ever, actually. I've had thoughts about breaking all the M&M's apart and harvesting the peanuts. Not sure why.

Taste & Verdict
Nothing new to see here for me since I had M&M's countless times previously. There have been occasions where extra large, party sized bags were purchased. Complaints about how to finish the bag were thrown about, but they ended up being finished eventually.

How was this specific bag I sampled? It contained a bunch of M&M's in a variety of colors. As far as I could tell, every one of the candies had the same flavor no matter what the color of the shell was -- just like Smarties. The shell was relatively thin, maybe about 1 mm in depth, and they broke apart pretty easily when bitten down upon. One layer down was a brown colored chocolate that had the consistency of "regular" chocolate (i.e. not a cream like filling). In the middle was a peanut that was brittle, in a good way, and not soggy.

M&M's Peanuts: Inside the bag
The outer layers seemed sweet and the peanut tasted like peanuts I had that came right out of a shell. Having a saltier peanut balance out a sweeter shell was a nice mix. The same was true about their textures. They complimented each other unlike a lollipop with bubblegum in the middle that requires a sudden change in one's method of eating -- sucking to chewing and resisting the urge to swallow. This bag of M&M's peanuts tasted just like the bags I had previously. If there was a change in recipe, I didn't notice it.

Would I get it again? A solid yes. The peanut variety of M&Ms has remained my favorite from the product line for a very long time. I find the brown bag, no filling ones to be on the sweet side. Some of the other flavors I tried were okay, but they weren't peanuts.

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