Sunday, February 01, 2015

Maynards Sour Watermelons Review

Sour Watermelons. Didn't realize these came in non-bulk form when I was a kid. Paid like 5 cents a pop at the local candy store and they were rock hard -- which I loved.

Chewy, gummy candy shaped like half-circles with a dusting of what looked like sugar on the exterior. They were a light pink or green color underneath the coating, kind of like a slice of watermelon. I was expecting the candies to be only packaged in the exterior cardboard box, but they were actually contained in a clear, plastic bag inside -- I was worried there would be a mess of candy bits spilling out while carrying the box around the store. At the bottom of the plastic bag was a collection of "sugar" that probably came off the candies.
Maynards Sour Watermelons Packaging

Getting to the candy was a two step process with the cardboard box and plastic bag...
Maynards Sour Watermelons: More Packaging
Taste & Texture
It had been a while since I had sour melons, so I was expecting the candy to be a bit more sour. Also, there is apparently something called sour sugar. The "sugar" covered shell tasted a little sour after I put it into my mouth, but not even close to juice from a lemon. And my mouth was pretty well rested -- even rinsed it with water for unrelated reasons a bit before tasting. This coating felt like sugar or salt in my mouth except much easier to eat without a very strong flavor. It seemed to only take a few seconds before the coating dissolved and I could feel the smooth surface underneath.
Close-up of the Watermelons
Once the "sugar" washed away and I got down to the main part of the candy, I started chewing. The main candy was soft and felt somewhat like chewing bubblegum except less sticky -- and I wasn't concerned about swallowing. Saying that they were like gummy candies would probably be more accurate. It seemed, taste-wise, to be pretty sweet and there was some watermelon-like flavoring -- the candy version of watermelon. Even though there were green and pink parts to the candies, they tasted similar to me, and I wasn't able to tell a difference between them -- not that I tried to dissect and separate them out to try.

Pretty good stuff in my view. I would have liked them to be a bit more sour though -- maybe it was just my batch? The box was also pretty big compared to what was inside too. Otherwise, I didn't have a big issue with the price, but buying them in bulk in the future would probably be a better idea.

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