Saturday, January 31, 2015

Starburst Original Review

Candy in not chocolate form.

Individually wrapped candies shaped in rectangular prisms and further packaged together in a stack. Roughly two candies stacked on top of one another created a cube. The exterior wrapper was easy to tear by hand and it looked like dull aluminum foil on the inside. Each candy's individual wrapper was folded only and looked like waxy paper. These wrappers were colored (e.g. pink, yellow, orange).
Starburst Original Packaging
I had to unwrap the candy's wrappers... Does that count?

Taste & Verdict
This was the "Original" Starburst flavor package and it wasn't the first time I had them. They were bite sized, chewy candies that all looked roughly the same on the outside aside from color: a mostly smooth and shiny surface. Color-wise, the candies approximated the color of the wrappers. There were some ridges and imperfections, but they resembled rectangular prisms with two square faces. Light touching made them feel pretty solid, but once they were put into my mouth, biting down showed that they were actually somewhat soft -- there wasn't a solid shell that I could tell. The longer a candy spent in my mouth and was chewed around, the softer it seemed to get. It seemed pretty uniform in texture throughout.

Unpackaged Starburst Candies
Taste-wise, I thought all of the flavors had a generally sweet taste with some additional flavoring. Each wrapper color corresponded to a different flavor. Running through each color and how they tasted to me: pink was like strawberry, orange like orange, yellow like lemon, and red like cherry. Did I miss anything? Each flavor didn't taste like the real fruit to me, more like what I learned to identify as the candy version of each fruit. Regardless, I liked them for the flavor and appreciated the bite-sized portions of each candy. Having the wrapper made them easier to handle by hand too -- I eat chocolate bars with a spoon or fork usually.

The usual routine with a pack of Starbursts is to open the package or stick and go through a few at a time. No changes this time around. It made the pack last longer, which was nice. I would definitely buy it again.

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