Friday, January 30, 2015

Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar Review

Time for an oldie but a goodie.

A chocolate bar shaped like a rectangular prism -- or a bar or a stick. Cutting the bar open revealed what looked like two layers of wafer biscuits on the top and bottom. Both the top and bottom biscuits had their own fillings. Sandwiched in the middle between the wafer biscuits was a bubbly layer that looked like the middle of an Aero bar. And the bar was finished with an exterior coating of chocolate that was about 1 mm to 2 mm thick. This exterior layer was relatively flat with some ridges and imperfections throughout.
Coffee Crisp Packaging
My food based vocabulary is bad, so let me clarify what I mean with the words "wafer" and "wafer biscuit." By "wafer", I just mean the cracker part minus the filling. And I mean two layers of wafer crackers with a filling sandwiched between with a "wafer biscuit,"

I snapped the bar in half before taking it out of the wrapper. Didn't do anything else with it. Carnation turned it into a drink. Nothing was done to modify the bar's taste or texture. It was served at room temperature during the winter (i.e. not in the process of melting while eaten).

Coffee Crisp Bar Packaging

Taste & Verdict
This bar was snapped in half into a more manageable size and then eaten with a fork and bowl -- not a fan of eating things out of wrappers anymore. "Regular" sized bites were taken while eating the bar. What I noticed most about the Coffee Crisp was the texture, specifically the wafer crackers. The way it came apart when I bit down and the crunch, all of it reminded me of eating wafer biscuits. This crunch part was probably what I liked best in the entire bar.

Coffee Crisp Inside the Bar
The initial flavor I tasted after very light chewing was the fairly neutral wafer cracker. I didn't really notice the chocolate shell, it sort of fell into the background among everything else -- or did it blend in with the fillings? After more chewing, the primary flavors that came through to me were that of coffee and chocolate. It was, altogether, a pleasant, sweet but not too sweet, chocolaty coffee flavor. The jump from a dry wafer to the smoother, moister fillings was also a nice transition that added some layering to the bar. I didn't bother trying to dissect the Coffee Crisp to sample each of the fillings separately. From what I could tell, there should have been two different fillings: the one used in the two wafer biscuits and the one like an Aero bar in the middle. What each tasted like? Not sure. They worked great together though.

Coffee Crisp, something to be bought again? Yep. I thought it tasted good and managed to combine wafer biscuits and coffee into one crispy stick.

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