Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Skittles Desserts Review

Another set of not original Skittles in a pink colored bag.

A pink bag of Skittles Dessert flavored candies with a hard shell and somewhat chewy interior. They were different in color than the original flavored Skittles I had previously -- lighter shades? One batch I had contained light orange, light green, blue, red, and pink. The round face of the candies were about 0.5 cm in diameter while their height was maybe a bit less than 0.5 cm. Aside from color, I thought they looked just like the Berry flavored Skittles I reviewed recently. On the back of the bag was a legend showing what flavor each color corresponded to.
Skittles Desserts Packaging
Nothing was done to modify the Skittles unless you count using a slightly wet bowl. The water caused some of the color on the Skittles that came into contact with it to run. It got pretty sticky.

Taste & Verdict
This was not my first time having the Dessert flavored Skittles, but I hadn't had them many times before -- maybe once or twice? Anyway, the color of the candy shells seemed to correspond to different flavors. While the flavors were defined on the bag, I ignored them so that I could try to figure it out on my own. Allow me to discuss their texture first because this part was more familiar. They seemed similar to other Skittles in terms of texture. There was a hard candy shell that cracked when bitten on, and inside was a sort of mushy, viscous paste -- very thick, didn't seem to flow on its own. I bit a few in half to see what was inside. It looked white-ish with a tint of color in the shade of the shell.

Skittles Desserts: Candies, inside and out

In terms of flavor, the exterior shell of all the candies was pretty sweet and I couldn't tell a major difference between them. It took biting into each of them and chewing to really get an idea of what each color tasted like. Red and pink tasted similar to me with just a general sweetness. If they had specific flavors, I couldn't really tell. Light orange was somewhat like an orange, green may have been the candy version of apple, and blue was like a berry. Together, they came off to me as a lighter tasting version of the original Skittles, maybe with a bit of tropical themed flavor infused.

To be bought again or not? They were okay but I would probably go back to the purple bag in the future. If I got a crate of them for free, I probably wouldn't have an issue finishing them though.

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