Monday, January 26, 2015

Vachon Half-Moon Vanilla Review

Pastry dessert thing with a cream filling shaped like half a moon or a circle.

Vachon Half-Moon Vanilla Packaging
A cardboard box that contained six Half-Moon pastries, each individually wrapped in clear plastic wrappers. Each Half-Moon was a sandwich with a white cream filling in between two layers of pastry or cake -- realizing right now how bad my dessert related vocabulary is. One side of the sandwich looked like a top and the other like a bottom (i.e. one smooth, round side, another rougher, less finished side).
Vachon Half-Moon Vanilla: Side View

Does tearing open the plastic wrapper and putting the Half-Moon on a plate count? The wrapper was really easy to get into.

Vachon Half-Moon Vanilla: Top
Taste & Verdict
Hadn't had one of these in a long time. Picked up the box for about CAD$ 3.00. I used a fork to eat them on a plate. They were very easy to cut into pieces or dissect without much force by using just a fork. The filling was white, creamy, and very sticky. It was quite viscous and didn't seem to want to flow out and around like a pudding.

Vachon Half-Moon Vanilla: Bottom
Biting into a piece of the sandwich, including both sides of the pastry and the filling, I noted a fresh, pleasant, and sweet tasting package. What the filling reminded me of was the inside of a toasted marshmallow. I really wanted to say that it tasted like a Twinkie, but it had been a while since I had one so maybe I was confusing my foods. Anyway, a successful attempt was made at picking only the cake part off of a piece of a Half-Moon to taste it alone. It seemed mostly neutral, very airy, light, and a bit sweet. This led me to believe that most of the flavor came from the filling. I also tried to just taste the filling and that came off very sweet. Eating the item as a complete package looked like the best way to go with all parts balancing one another out.

Vachon Half-Moon Vanilla: Wrapped up and in Half
How was it? Pretty good. I thought it was a sweet, airy, pleasant, and well sized cake that was easy to eat and a nice change from chocolates or candies. Definitely would buy it again, just not too often. It seemed like a once in a while thing. Getting six in a box was nice too. Price wasn't bad at CAD$ 3.00, but this was on sale. The store had it for CAD$ 3.50 on regular. Not that big a difference considering that it was priced similar to the other candies I bought on a regular basis.

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