Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Kraft Cinnamon Granola Raison Peanut Butter

Not so much a food as it is a condiment, but I occasionally eat a full spoonful.

Kraft Peanut Butter Cinnamon Granola Raison Packaging
A jar of peanut butter. What made it special was that it was a Cinnamon Granola Raison flavor from Kraft. There was no layer of oil sitting on the top when I opened the package. From scooping about a teaspoon, the ingredients, on top of what looked to be regular smooth peanut butter, appeared to be raisins and hard bits of something. They had a few other flavors at the store for around the same price and size. I started seeing these new flavors in stores about a year or two ago.
I took about a teaspoon and spread it onto an untoasted slice of bread. A butter knife was involved. Spreading with the knife felt slightly more difficult than usual when done with smooth peanut butter. Not sure what the reason was, but the peanut butter felt more viscous than the smooth stuff. It would probably have been easier with toast or a tougher bread. Nonetheless, mission accomplished.

Kraft Peanut Butter Cinnamon Granola Raison: Out of the jar
Taste & Verdict
The Cinnamon Granola Raison on its own, I thought, had a pretty strong peanut taste. No raisins were found in that small sample that was tried independently, but there were some small hard bits. These turned out to be very crispy and crunchy, which I found to be an interesting addition to peanut butter. The bits were very small, maybe 1 or 2 mm in all dimensions, so I didn't find them to be distracting (e.g. didn't need to take a chew break). What were they? My initial guess was that they were ground up peanuts. It took reading the label on the jar again to figure out what they likely were: granola. The final part of the label, cinnamon, didn't pop out at me -- probably because I wasn't looking for it since I forgot what the label was.

Cinnamon Granola Raison Peanut Butter: Spread onto Bread
The second taste test was done with a plain, untoasted slice of bread. I regularly supplement lunch or breakfast with the same untoasted bread and smooth, "normal" peanut butter, so this was familiar territory. After spreading the peanut butter onto a slice of bread, the peanut butter flavor didn't seem as strong. What the bread appeared to do was accent the granola bits and raisins, changing the texture more so than the flavor. Either way, I enjoyed the spread on its own and on bread. It was a nice change from the plain peanut butter I usually bought and used. Price at CAD$ 5 wasn't bad. I would consider buying this again -- after I finish trying all of the other new flavors.

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