Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Musings... British and American Words, Again

Watched some more British TV and remembered a few more words I have heard before. Think this about covers the more common, modern terms that I can remember. Might be a while until there's another one. See first part here.

And if it's not clear by now, I probably watch a lot of crime related television shows because a lot of the words seem to be related to crime. Coronation Street has been available on a local channel for as long as I can remember. Ya, not a fan of that one, not that I ever tried it out. I did know someone who was a huge fan though and it sounded like a soap opera? Only daytime soap I was ever "forced" to watch was Days of Our Lives. There may have been a few prime-time "soaps" I voluntarily watched.

I decided to put together a small list of dumbed down word translations/definitions I think I picked up over the years. Keywords are "dumbed down" because there is a lot of history behind some of the words that can affect their meaning. They kind of make sense to me, but not being British, I can still be wrong, so watch out!

United Kingdom  =  United States
13. Nicked  =  Stole / Stolen
14. DS  =  Detective Sergeant
15. Fanny  =  Female Reproductive Parts
16. Knackered  =  Broken
17. Me  =  My
18. Petrol  =  Gas
19. Aluminium  =  Aluminum
20. Crisps  =  Potato Chips

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