Monday, January 19, 2015

Nissin Black Garlic Oil Flavour Noodles Review

Found another flavor of dry noodles from Nissin Foods. I think there may not be many left to review, maybe just pork and chicken?

Dried noodles wrapped in plastic packaging. Included were two sealed packets of ingredients to make the soup to go with the noodles. One of these was oil and the other was a powder. Having oil and powder has been standard in my experience, only the XO sauce package had three. Price was under CAD$ 1.
Nissin Black Garlic Oil Package

I used an electric stove and stainless steel pot to put this entire thing together. The only ingredient used that wasn't included in the package was tap water. In short, I cooked the noodles, then made the sauce, and served everything in a bowl. No additional spices or flavoring added. The noodles came out a bit softer than I preferred but not overly so.

Contents of Package
Taste & Verdict
I'm going to get the boring part out of the way first: the noodles. In both its dried out and cooked forms, these noodles looked very similar to the noodles I had previously eaten in other Nissin packages. It tasted similar as well even though I only ate it after combined with the soup -- I could kind of isolate the taste of the noodles out.

Taken as a whole, this one reminded me of the XO sauce package that I had a few weeks back. The flavor, which was mostly from the soup, seemed to have a small hint of sweetness to it. Or was that the garlic? I could taste the garlic alright and it was the main flavor that came across for me. It tasted pretty nice to me and there didn't seem to be anything off-putting. There was a slight aftertaste that washed away fairly quickly. The sauce seemed more complex or layered than the beef and spicy flavors I previously had, but not as much as the XO sauce.

Cooked Nissin Black Garlic Oil Noodles
Taking a step back, let me describe what the soup base looked like. It was a lighter color, kind of like khaki. Once added to the water, the mixture was a similar khaki color. Adding the oil, which was a dark brown color out of the packet, tinted the mixture a bit darker but didn't turn it completely dark. I saw some "bulbs" of floating oil in the final soup product.

Not the most filling meal, but I didn't expect it to be considering how many food groups it covered. Regardless, I enjoyed it and had other items on the side to make this a meal. For less than CAD$ 1, it made for a pretty good snack or component of a full meal. This felt like a once in a while thing to have when I got tired of eating the beef and spicy flavors. Garlic was on the more exotic end of my usual range of flavors.

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