Thursday, January 08, 2015

Aero Bubbles Orange Review

And even more candy from a grocery store run.
Aero Bubbles Orange Bag
Overview / Contents
Small balls of chocolate, about one centimeter in diameter, with one half of the exterior colored brown and the other half colored a bright orange. Breaking them open showed that they had the bubbly interior of regular sized Aero chocolate bars. Cracking one open showed that the entire interior was orange. There was only a thin chocolate colored brown shell on one half of the exterior. The spheres were not individually packed.

Aero Bubbles Orange Bag Unloaded
Taste & Verdict
I won't lie, for the first half-dozen Aero Bubbles that I put in my mouth, I kept trying to eat each half separately to see if there was a difference between the two sides. There may have also been an impression that both sides had separate interiors to match the exterior shells. It tasted like the chocolate brown side had a fainter flavor than the orange side, but the difference was relatively small.

Then I looked closer and found out that there was probably only one interior and only the shells were different. Oh.
Inside an Aero Bubble Orange
So, the Aero Bubbles tasted like candy orange (i.e. not like a variety of real oranges I had previously, but like the orange flavor used in more than a few candies). The Aeros I had were citrus-y and sweet. I found the flavor to be mostly pleasant, but it wasn't perfect. That airy, bubbly texture came through quite clearly as well.

They reminded me of orange flavored fillings in tins of chocolates and a specific orange flavored chocolate that I had once. It was shaped like a ball or an orange fruit and could be broken into slices. Surprisingly, these Aeros didn't really remind me of Lifesaver Orange-O-Mints.

If I were paid or given these Aero chocolates for free, I'd have no trouble eating bags of these at a time. They were pleasant and reminded me of full-sized Aero bars. However, this didn't make it to my list of favorites.

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