Friday, January 09, 2015

Lifesavers Orange-O-Mint Review

More candy from a grocery store run.

Lifesavers Orange-O-Mint Bag
Overview / Contents
Solid, hard Lifesavers in bags within a bag. These were white colored Lifesavers with specks of orange. According to the bag, the flavor was orange themed. Each of the Lifesavers were individually wrapped in clear plastic inside the main bag. If you don't know what a Lifesaver is: the ones I had previously were hard candy that came in rolls with the pieces made in a lower-case "o" shape. Flavors in the "original" package were fruit related. I have had many of the spin-off flavors and gummy versions.

The only idea that comes to mind is to break these things apart and use them as sprinkles. I have not done that before.
Inside a Lifesavers Orange-O-Mint Bag
Taste & Verdict
Pretty simple things. Upon opening the individually wrapped package, I was met with a clear, smooth, and mostly white lower-case "o". Lifesavers, the original ones, were usually left in my mouth and eaten life a lollipop until they were thinned, dissolved, and narrowed out. That was the point when it was chewed and swallowed. It was different with these Orange-O-Mints. While this Lifesaver was solid like hard candy, I felt compelled on a subconscious level to bite down and chew. The reason for this, I believe, was because of the relatively light flavor on the exterior shell and rough texture.

Once bit upon, broken apart, and subsequently chewed, there was pleasant orangey flavor. It tasted like the candy version of an orange more than a real one. Each one went down relatively quickly. I thought it had a nice balance of flavors that made eating an entire bag in one sitting a possibility. No issues with anything being too sweet. The individual wrappings were the only real deterrent.
Inside a Lifesavers Orange-O-Mint
These Orange-O-Mint Lifesavers did not have the texture of "original" Lifesavers I had before though. Chewing "original" Lifesavers usually left my mouth filled with sticky, hard bits. Specifically, biting down on them broke them apart into smaller bits, but when they got small enough, they seemed to flatten and get stuck in my molars. These Orange-O-Mints mostly broke up into a finer powder with further chewing and just washed away with saliva.

Would I get these again. Definitely. I had these a few times previously and couldn't stop at five or ten. The chore of having to peel the individual wrappers held me back. Addictive.

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